We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Bleu Reese | Professional Dancer

I would like my legacy to be about me being that selfless person any and everybody could run to, I like to think of myself as a hero sometimes so I would Love for my legacy to be that I gave back to my community and I was able to have such a huge positive impact on so many people while doing so. What I want people to remember about me is that I was self driven, very humble and a genuine person who gave out of love and didn’t expect anything in return but just simply wanting everyone to spread love and positivity amongst the world. Read more>>

Chase Rossman | Fitness and Dance Commercial Photographer

First and foremost I’d love the legacy to be self acceptance and showcase of the dynamic beauty behind individuals insecurities! I look at photography as both only an artist way of expression but a very powerful tool to help shift and individuals perspective of themselves, how they feel, and help them get over body image issues that they might have! It’s about grating a space and experience where they can be themselves and see themselves in a new light! Embrace it and feel powerful! Read more>>

Diaunte Jenkins | Artist/Choreographer/Creative Director/Educator/Director

I want the name DiaunteJ, to live on far past the days that I will be walking on this earth. DiaunteJ is not just a name but a walking billboard and legacy. When I think about the legacy I want to leave, it is far beyond just the impact I have made in the arts but the imprint I have left on individuals’ hearts and lives. The brand is dedicated to artists and creatives that were always the underdogs but became the flower that bloomed from the concrete and grasped the attention of many by doing what many said was impossible. Read more>>

Amanda Martin | Photographer & Blogger

At a very young age, I discovered what my life purpose was – to inspire and be of service to people – yet I never knew how to fulfill it. I allowed myself the freedom growing up to uncover the ways in which I can reach people; I still am figuring it out as I type this. I think that’s the beauty of life though, to find your way and to embark on a quest for your truth and evolution, no matter how long that takes. Read more>>