We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Jess Rose McDowell | KINETIC SWEAT by Jess Owner/Founder a professional Private Personal Trainer & Model

Ultimately, my end goal is to continue to grow as a personal brand KINETIC SWEAT by Jess an exclusive private personal trainer, social media leader, virtual group trainer & Mental Health advocate. To become known nationwide & globally traveling offering fitness & speaking to women about body & mind. I believe I’m making a daily impact on my community, as well as woman all over the globe. My personal brand Mission, “Incline a balance in body & mind, while sprouting electrifying confidence.” Everyday I wake up mentally & physically prepared to offer myself & the tools to impact the lives around me. Read more>>

Tim Scott | Hypnotized Promotions CEO/Owner

I am really big into music! I think music keeps all people of all walks of life together. My goal and purpose of being a music promoter is to keep that spirit alive. As long as people are able to attend music events that I set up, that’s how I want to end professionally, knowing I brought people together. Read more>>

Augustin J. Charles | Videographer & Photographer

The end goal is a Production company, I want to be in a professional & creative place where we make tv shows and movies. Read more>>