We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them.  We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Remy Gordon | Founder

I think we all want to be remembered for something positive, to be remembered as more than ordinary, to be remembered as someone who really made a difference. I want to be remembered for making a difference and leaving an imprint on this world. I want my legacy to be of someone who always would lend a helping hand and who had a fierce passion in her for helping others, especially people experiencing homelessness or in some sort of crisis. I want people to remember that I always gave it my all and did all I could to help others. I want people to think of me and think of the lives that I touched- the lives that were changed for the better. Read more>>

TwinsLemonade Adrian & Aurelian Pacheco de Mathieu | Lemonade Business

We started TwinsLemonade three years ago, we were seven. It is never too early to dream, create and accomplish anything, just go for it ! We would like to be remembered for being two boys, happy to work, to study, to make money and give back for a better world. Squeeze it&Live it! Read more>>

Stacey Elise Haught | Actor & Acting Instructor

I think, in this time, more than others, I’ve faced this question. Quarantine, and social distancing, global pandemics and world injustice, should make you look inside of yourself and ask some really important questions about who you are as a person, and what you want to be remembered as. For me my entire life has been sitting in a seat of support for Actors, and Artists to help catapult their career’s and help them obtain the dreams they dream. During the events of 2020, (So far) I’ve been able to dream myself, cut out the distractions, some were helped by quarantine and some where self disciplined behaviors I set in place. Read more>>