Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Alex Vainstein | Photographer

The most important factors behind my success are to ensure that my clients have an amazing experience and to provide them with outstanding service. There are thousands of great photographers out there but not everybody offers great service and a fun and memorable experience. The secret is to exceed clients’ expectations with the photographs that you deliver but also with the experience. Read more>>

Krista Watterworth Alterman | Creative Director & Owner

Listening! Truly listening to your client base is crucial. What are their needs? What do they love? How can you serve them in the best possible way? Through years of careful listening I have learned that my clients are looking for a unique, one of a kind design that reflects their family. They want an expert who can make their decor dreams come true! And they want our signature The New Palm Beach™ style: that livable luxury that only KRISTA + HOME can provide. We curate a home to reflect each family in a unique, creative way while remaining polished and sophisticated. Our goal? To design a home that complements each family and lifestyle, one that is both livable and luxurious. They also want to make their home projects stress-free. They count on us to handle every detail, so their project is seamless. I have learned through the years that providing outstanding service is crucial. Read more>>

Patti Nachmann | Co-Owner

The most important factor behind our success is love. It’s a recurring theme in our business; a bride falls in love, gets engaged, and falls in love with a dress in our shop and a lot of times with us. We love meeting brides, hearing their love stories, and helping them find the perfect gown for their special day. The love we have for our brides and what we do is genuine and they can see that. Our reviews on multiple platforms speak for themselves. Read more>>

Celeste Burns | Wedding and LGBTQ Photographer

The most important factor of my brand is the inclusion. My business has succeeded due to it’s loving message and my hard work at making it a safe space for all. Read more>>

Ryan Heigel | Owner & Artist

I think the most important factor behind the success of the Higher Tides brand can be attributed to being passionate about both art & surfing. These passions continually lead me to explore new concepts and ideas as an artist and keep me curious of how I can push the brand (and my art) in new directions. Sometimes ideas can spark in the simplest of places – from conversations with others or from things I think about or see in the water. Continued success of our brand relies on the people who appreciate the art since we are only online (for now). We are fully grassroots amongst the South Florida surf community, and it’s them who continue to push the brand to new heights every day. Read more>>

Mary D’Argenis | Founder & CEO

The most important factor behind the success of MDA Hospitality is the quality of work. I have always taken great pride in ensuring I give the best of myself and treat each business as if it were my own. The MDA Hospitality team is comprised of leaders who embody the same work ethic, passion, and desire to serve. These are leaders with whom I have personally worked in the hospitality industry and have a track record of individual leadership accomplishments. When a company chooses to work with MDA Hospitality, it is an honor and privilege in which we take very seriously. Our objective is to understand the business outcomes to design a customized training program that works toward and exceeds these goals. Success is defined by the quantitative outcomes of increased guest service scores and financial results, along with the qualitative success of team member empowerment, renewed passion, and confidence in their roles. Read more>>