Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Joyce Caba | Freelance Videographer

Serving others with the gift that Jesus Christ gave me and reminding myself of WHY I have this particular gift. What has this brand accomplished today that will help someone else? Yes, we would all like to be “successful” millionaires but if Joyce Caba Productions LLC can be light in someone’s life, then we are committed to our purpose. Read more>>

Teddy & Meagan Babanao | Event Designers

For us, the most important factors behind our success is attitude, patience and consistency. Without these three things, Magnolia Sunsets would not have made it past 2021. It’s one thing to sell yourself, and others, on a dream – that’s the easy part. It’s another thing to make the dream come alive. Our first few months (although very fun) were difficult. We spent a lot of time in the introductory phase, getting to know our clients and other vendors, and also gaining a certain level of trust. As a new business, it takes a while to build a good reputation – or any reputation at all for that matter. Read more>>

Cam Hemmer | Office Manager Extraordinaire

The most important factor behind my success and the success of Argon Agency is the team I am blessed to be surrounded with on a near daily basis. They are the wind beneath my wings and beautiful, intelligent women that I can be completely candid with- which is very refreshing to have in a work environment. At Argon Agency, we’ve built a team that understands each other like family and therefore helps us reach our full potential when it comes to our deliverables, processes and work ethic. Read more>>

Gabriela Espitia | Teen Baker

When I think about the most crucial factor to my success, the main thing that comes to mind is my age. I started this business when I was 10 years old. As small children often do, I loved the idea and art of baking; getting my hands dirty with flour or butter was always a fun time for me. It always made me happy when being exposed to any kind of baking either at home or school. However, it became a business for me at the end of my Fourth Grade after earning first place at my elementary’s science fair. Read more>>

Jenny Arraiz | businesswoman

perseverance and passion with what we do everything. We love to serve others Read more>>

Dynasty Huckleby | Transformational Mindset Coach

For me, authenticity is the key to the way I guide my existence. Additionally, for building my business and brand, it is the most important factor. As a transformational mindset coach, authenticity IS my business! I work with others to discover, accept, and uplift their self-identities and in this it takes individuals, just like you, to reveal their authentic selves and me offering my authentic self to facilitate healing and transformation. Read more>>

Sophia Dottin | Owner | Esthetician

The most important factor to my success are my kids. They’re my motivation for everything I do. My daughter plans to be in the medical field so we wanted to create an all natural skincare product to jumpstart her medical career. Our products are formulated for everyone and especially those who suffer from skin conditions. My daughter helps with a lot of the social media marketing and that helps because there are so many platforms to choose from now and for me it’s hard to keep up. Read more>>

Elen Boesing | Content Creator & Community Leader

The most important factor is our community and what brought us together. Miami is going through an influx of new residents and many locals are having to deal with the consequences of that, so it’s natural to see negative comments and connotations towards newcomers. Having a community where we can connect with each other, find resources, pursue shared goals together and leverage our growing numbers in order to connect with and find support from other local communities is key to the success of New Miami Girls. Read more>>

Lenny Fierro | singer, producer and songwriter

Since I was a child I wanted to be a great artist, a singer recognized in many places, in different countries, to sing in big concerts and that is precisely the factor of my success, the focus. the clarity that I have tended to move forward regardless of the difficulties along my way, the passion for music has made the success of my career as an artist. Read more>>

Agnes Topp | Luxury Property Specialist

The most important factor behind my success is listening to my clients. Buying a home can be both scary and exciting. As property specialist my main focus is to be there for my clients and listen to their needs. When you truly listen, not only does it help build trust, it also helps you build lasting relationships. Making an effort to always listen has made my clients feel valued and appreciated. Furthermore I have the pleasure of saying that several of my clients have now become my friends and they’ve referred my services to their family and friends, thus helping me expand my business. Read more>>

Tiffany B Chanel | Visual Artist and Content Creator

Being that I am self taught, the most important factors behind my success is consistency and humility. When I realized that art was my passion, I chose to show up everyday in every way. I painted everyday and I posted my progress and finished work daily. I allowed whoever followed my page to be on this journey with me. I knew that in order to get better at my craft I had to consistently work in order to see growth. Humility also play a huge part in my success. Being humble leaves room to continuously learn and allows you to be open to being taught. I always believed that I am only as good as the day I stopped. Humility for me, is always leaving room for self improvement. Read more>>

Ryan danley | artist/creative/musician/designer

I started this company with a purpose to provide fashion tees by a fan or a fan of themes / brands that I’m passionate about. so I don’t always go with the “in” crowd or do properties that are uber popular. I stay true to what I love so I don’t create something that I’m not a fan of just to make a quick buck. I scrutinize, over analyze and truly try to make something unique and one of a kind. When I started there were only a few companies like mine on instagram. Now they are a dime a dozen…so having my own style and uniqueness allows for distinction. The most important factor though is to make sure I’m truly in love with design and tee. Read more>>

Brandy Gleason | Travel Writer

Authenticity is my key to success. My kids told me one time that if I wanted more followers on social, I needed to start doing some relevant dancing or lip-syncing to trending sounds. While their advice is accurate for rapid “growth” (is it really growth when they followed for a laugh and not your content?), I have chosen to stay the course of sharing what makes me smile and happy; the growth is slower but what I create resonates with people who follow me. Read more>>