Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Beverly Charles | Loctician

Quality, Integrity & Transparency are the utmost important factors behind my success & the success of my brand. As an individual I live by these three very important words. It is also very imperative for me to also instill these same three words in the fabric of my brand. It is my belief that Quality, Integrity & Transparency is the standard by which we live by & by which every brand should strive for. With these factors at the forefront of my brand and livelihood it reminds me daily to never cut corners. Lead my brand with integrity and transparency. Give everything I do or set my mind to one thousand percent of my undivided focus to produce the best quality experience and service. Read more>>

Kristina Arrieta | Head of Social Media Marketing

I’ve noticed that there are a few factors behind the success of my brand and teamwork is the most important. It takes a village to successfully launch a project or campaign and it’s pretty awesome because every person plays a different role yet shares the same vision, energy, passion. Read more>>

David Packouz | Inventor & CEO

Creative empathy. At Singular Sound, we create groundbreaking new products that musicians love because as musicians ourselves, we know the challenges musicians face. We feel the passions and frustrations that musicians feel. That experience as musicians drives us to create things that we ourselves want to play with — if we can’t wait to jam out with it, we know we have another hit product. But we do not just use our creative empathy in the product creation process, we use it in all aspects of our business. After we release a product we listen carefully to how our customers react to it (we have a VERY active forum) and take their suggestions and complaints very seriously. We are one of the few music technology companies that actively update our products based on customer feedback, and the customers notice and appreciate it. That’s why I believe that creative empathy has been the most important factor of our success. Read more>>