We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Danielle Balas | Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Bright colors, drag queens, hair makeup, fashion, editorial magzines etc. Read more>>

Marte Siebenhar | Creativity Expert & Strategist

Bold go-getters always spark my imagination. There’s nothing like a person with an audacious vision, big heart, and total commitment to realizing that vision. To imagine the world can be a better, healthier, more connected, more caring place is one thing. It’s another to put yourself out there and press on in the face of the unknown. That’s what a visionary does, and it’s incredibly inspiring. Read more>>

Jean Cidelca | Multicultural Tourism Ambassador

I am inspired by many things such as: history, cooking, and music to name a few. Read more>>


There are a few things that inspire me. One- Seeing others be the best at whatever they were meant to be. We all come to this life with a purpose and a destiny that has been written, the fact that we acknowledge what we are good at and we create the opportunities to do more of what we love is already serving your purpose. Secondly, receiving a thank you from someone because I was able to help them, create change and impact their life. The way I serve my community is by impacting generations to come by offering financial literacy, educating individuals on how to best prepare their finances in anticipation so your mind is at ease and you can enjoy feeling secure and stable. With that said, this motivates me to continue on my journey of becoming the best in my field. Read more>>

Kendra Miller | Wellness Expert/Image Consultant/Model/Entertainer/Writer/Business Owner

I am inspired by PEOPLE. People are the truest form of art to me… with our ability to relate and connect in multiple ways despite all of our different experiences. I live for the excitement I hear in a person’s voice when you understand who they are… appreciate how they see the world and understand the beauty they see in themselves. I try to use my talents and gifts to see those qualities in people or make them feel it in themselves… BELIEVE IT… and use it to be the best version of them that they choose to shoot for… Read more>>