We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Juleus Ghunta | Children’s Author, Poet, and PACEs Awareness Advocate

I felt unseen for much of my childhood, which was shaped by years of abuse and neglect. When I finally learned to read at age twelve, I searched local libraries for stories that I could identify with, stories with protagonists who had encountered and overcome similar adversities. I failed to find such stories, so I vowed to write my own. I am inspired by the need to fill this void, particularly in Caribbean children’s literature. Many children’s writers do not write books that explore difficult issues, despite the severe adversities our children endure. Read more>>

Luisa Lopez | Personalized gift baskets

I’m inspired by the thought of knowing that my personalized gifts are going to create a unique experience for the person who receives it. Read more>>

Isabelle Delcea | Entrepreneur, Engineer, Model, Dancer, Tennis Player, Wife, Producer and Influencer

I am inspired by seeing other influencers get excited about a booking I got them through my agency that I started myself through the connections and networking I have done the past 5 years as an influencer and model myself. Im inspired by financial freedom and being my own boss. Im inspired by acting, modeling, health and wellness. Im inspired by realizing my dreams in such a short span of time while I am still able and young. Im inspired by continuing to write my story as a cosmopolitan, well rounded individual. Read more>>

– Heather Lynn Arts ~ | International Artist

Beauty- in humans and in nature. Basically inspired by LOVE ~ love of people and this planet. Read more>>

Kevin Brady | Owner of Jb Doggie Delights South Florida

I am inspired by leaving a legacy and helping whoever , whenever ! Being able to lend a hand to someone in need feels better than making a dollar 10/10 times ! Read more>>