We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ashleigh Walters | News Anchor

Empathy and Creativity. Using empathy in the search for truth and fairness as a journalist can never be underestimated. It allows me to connect with the world and its people in a more complete fashion. I consider empathy to be one of my greatest strengths in connecting through my work, my art, my friends, my community. Read more>>

Jutt Huffman | From Blue Collar to Rock Star

Well, I think success can be defined as many things. A lot of people equate success to money. I don’t believe that to be true. My idea of success is having the least amount of stress and the most amount of freedom. Sure, money and freedom can be synonymous, but in general you have to load on more stress and give away freedom to acquire more money. I think the path to success is finding ways to make money doing what you love and that organically brings happiness and attracts more love. Read more>>

Keafta & Skyler Dokes | Founders of Dirty Husband Roy

The Dirty Husband Roy brand is so successful because it is genuine. We don’t fabricate our content to make things look a certain way. We are a regular Mom & Dad with the same day to day issues and or struggles just like everyone else. The only difference is, we broadcast our Swinger Lifestyle for all to see. This is why our “Day in the Life” series has been so successful. It gives everyone a peak into the life of swingers. Read more>>

Ariel Grace Pettigrew | Founder of Ariel Grace & Co

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is God. I have been able to create my dream career because I have not compromised my values or integrity for success. I have been able to be vulnerable about my failures, wins and mistakes through that, God has allowed me to connect with some of the most brilliant women that have had similar experiences. Read more>>

Amazon Goddess | Model & Talent Manager

I believe the success behind my brand is the authenticity of how I approach coaching/mentoring models based on my own experiences. I call my brand an experience because learning on the foundation of what I built as a model myself gives you a refreshing view on the industry. Read more>>

Olivia Chessé | Social entrepreneur

I am a hard worker and a go-getter. I am grateful that I was taught the values of hard work and money at a young age. I grew up in Provence, in the countryside of France, in a family of food lovers. Growing up I remember endless meals where my family would spend hours talking about an ingredient or a recipe. I started my professional life as a waitress in a restaurant to fund my education. After I graduated from my master’s degree, I started my career in China at a time when the hospitality industry was booming. I was working long hours while learning a ton. Read more>>

Jay Kington | Host of the Inter Miami Podcast

The most important factor for us has always been the Inter Miami Community, La Familia, and the fans. We started the Inter Miami Podcast as a community focused podcast, which has led to the success we have had. We try to be as engrained in the culture as possible, not just on game day, but staying involved with the different supporters groups, their events and charity drives, events the club has, traveling to games with supporters, and staying as active as we can in the community we have help grow. Read more>>

Ilisa Rosal | Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer and Founding Artistic Director of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and PAN, Performing Arts Network

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is that I pay attention to detail and always stay true to my vision for my work. I don’t compromise on quality, and have the perseverance to make it work regardless of the challenges or obstacles. I have a passion for the work itself, regardless of the financial or other reward, and care about my students and audiences. I give the best of myself and my art no matter what else is going on in my personal life or my professional life. Read more>>

Caroline Sheppard | Founder of Legacy Swimwear

I think authenticity is the most important factor behind Legacy Swimwear. Our mission is to help the ocean one bikini at a time and we really are doing all we can to do that. Right now there is a big movement towards companies being “green.” As a result many companies will throw around buzz words like eco-friendly, while doing little to actually do so. As a consumer this was beyond frustrating. Read more>>

Arianna Caraballo | Singer & Entrepreneur

I think success in general, is based off the faith you have in yourself. And if you don’t have it, fake it till you make it. Expanding your mind with ever changing knowledge and ideas will only help you succeed in most phases of life. I have learned to take a moment in anything I’m pursuing and just to soak it all in and I think that has given me the faith and confidence I have in myself to pursue anything I dream of. Read more>>