We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Sara DiPardo | Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Authenticity and being genuine. Let’s face it there are plenty of personal trainers and group fitness instructors out there. But there’s only one me. I work hard at keeping any and all things connected to my “brand” relevant and true. I have a story and I share it along with my struggles including all the highs and lows. That way I can gain a trust and true connection to my followers and clients based on them trusting my expertise through watching my experience. Read more>>

Luis Luyando | Talent Manager & Public Relation

I have been working with dedication in talent management for many years, I think that one of my greatest successes has been the personalized treatment and care for each one of them. Read more>>

Miller Mantovanelli | Owner

In all of my years of business, one thing is always priority. Problem solving. Our mission is that we will always solve a customers problem, within or out of our reach. The main idea that started Star Equipment Services LLC was to have a solution focused on repair. Read more>>

Jaleesa & Shy Robinson | Studio Owner/Choreographer

The most important factor behind our success is the ability to be able to create our different businesses and business ideas throughout each other and different personal experiences while continuing to build. But honestly what does success mean to you? Is it having all this money in the bank? What we feel success really entitles is getting up every day and doing it from your heart no matter what the result can actually be. Doing what you love. Read more>>

Makinsi Duverlien | Wedding Videographer

My success is entirely given to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I remember like it was yesterday, I asked God for a hobby, 2 Minutes later after my prayer, one of my friends from church said they needed a videographer. Ever sense my business has flourished, All because my business was and still is rooted in God. Read more>>

Alicia Bloom | Entrepreneur

The key to my success was becoming knowledgeable of the product I wanted to create, finding high quality ingredients, and being consistent with my eye catching presentation. Another thing that was extremely important was catering to my customers to ensure their satisfaction. Read more>>

Alice Yaro | CEO

Understanding people needs one of the important aspects. Being in a wedding industry meaning working directly with your client. Especially if we are talking about their wedding! It’s one of the most memorable and important moments in their lives. Read more>>