We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jennifer Arciniegas | Real Estate Broker

The success of my business is the result of both my passion for real estate and my commitment to excellence in all the services I provide. People believe real estate agents are simply sales professionals, but that is only one part of the process. As a real estate broker my job is to provide personalized service, to be a consultant, and guide my clients through the process of the sale or purchase of the most important assets in their lives; their family home or real estate investments. Just as important, I am a marketing agent, this is how I am able to sell my clients’ properties at the highest price in the least amount of time. In today’s world it is absolutely indispensable to work with a professional that has extensive marketing knowledge. I develop and implement marketing strategies tailored to the individual needs of a client and their properties. Read more>>

Trish McDonald | Author

The secret to the success of my brand is the power of curiosity and wonder in the face of cultural attitudes. When a writer is looking for an agent, they send out a query. This was an agent’s response to my letter–“Everything has an expiration date,” (I was 76 at the time.) I vowed then if I got a book contract, I would turn those words into my brand– “No Expiration on Dreams.” On October 5, 2021, my dream to publish a novel (Woodhall Press) will come true. “Paper Bags,” a romance set in a campground in the Florida Keys, is a curious exploration of gender, sexuality, and cultural expectations. It’s the latter where the stereotype exists regarding the intimate lives of people my age. Misconceptions about aging are everywhere especially in advertising. At 77 yrs. old, my goal is to encourage others their dreams can also come true. Read more>>

Ramona DeSantis | CEO, The Blowout Blowdry Bar

Quality, Consideration and Consistency. In the hair and more specifically, the “blow dry bar” industry, you cannot build a brand or reputation without providing a high quality, consistent service. Customers need to have an expectation that when they come into the salon, regardless of who is servicing them, the same level of attention and the same excellent result will be achieved each time. Consideration is of highest importance for both your clients and your staff. We have been fortunate enough to have many of the same members of our team working with us since the day we opened our doors. You absolutely need your staff to be on board with your mission, own your brand and deliver consistent quality. Read more>>

Giulianna Figueroa | Owner and Executive Chef of “Just a Second!!!” Holistic Dining Services

The most important factor behind our success is without a doubt our love for the craft. And, when I say “craft,” I don’t just mean our each individual role. The team is passionate about every aspect of our services, and they aspire for the sense of accomplishment that comes with surpassing the expectations of our clientele. Read more>>

Justin “JC” Collins | Fitness Transformation Coach, Model/Actor, Speaker

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is service and authenticity. No matter what, at all times, I’m looking to serve and provide value. With my clients, helping to serve them to reach their health and fitness goals, however it has to be done to arrive them at their desired result. And in the process of serving, always remaining in authenticity, by leading, but at the same time living the exact lifestyle I am helping them to achieve, and showing them how to on a daily basis by the way that I live. Serving, and leading from the front. Read more>>