We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Bianca Reeves | Owner of MISS B. BAKES – Sweets and Treats Boutique

I believe wholeheartedly that there are two important factors behind my business’ success. The first being perseverance. Anyone that has stepped out on their own and taken that leap of faith to launch their own business knows, there are good days and other days you are met with struggles and challenges. But we also know, if we had the courage to take that first step and launch – we must keep going. You have to push through the difficult times and sometimes even make a way out of no way to ensure your business flourishes. Read more>>

Joanie-Ann Daniels | Owner | Devour Me Creamery & Savor Traditional Foods

The most important factor behind my success is the willingness to listen to my customers. Since the beginning of the business, which I originally started with a partner, we have made it a priority to provide products that people want and need. The success of my brand is 100% the result of my valuable customers. They have appreciated being listened to and, in turn, being provided with high quality products. They appreciate integrity and have been very loyal supporters! Read more>>

Andrés Bojórquez | Real Estate

Hello Miami ! It’s a pleasure to be featured in this amazing magazine again! There is too many factors , but everyone can be successful if you have your positive mindset everyday at dreamwork ,what’s is your dreamwork ? Its what you are good for and what are your dreaming to work as a kid !. Read more>>

Ariel Gonzalez | CEO

There are three generations of perfecting in our Cuban pastries (pastelitos), signature coffees and sandwiches. We have had a long family history of unwavering dedication to capturing the complex, full bodied and exotic flavors of Cuba. We believe these flavors should be shared in a space that embodies the vibrance of our community and it’s rich heritage — capturing not only what’s behind us…but in this moment. Read more>>

Nerissa Manela | MPhil, MT-BC | Music Educator, Music Therapist

Miami Jam Sessions is a free music therapy socialization group and mentoring community program. The success of the Miami Jam Sessions program is largely due to the sense of respect between session facilitators, volunteers, and participants. Board-certified music therapists facilitate sessions up to two times per month, and our participants (teens and young adults with special needs) are paired with volunteer mentors to sing, play instruments, and socialize. Read more>>

Precious Jones | Owner and CEO

There are a few important factors when it comes to Elite Natural Essence’s success and that would be transparency, a positive attitude, knowledge and wanting to help others. My brand stands on transparency, who we are, what we stand for and the ingredients we use. Any customer can feel good knowing that we only use quality raw organic ingredients that are safe to use. Success also comes from knowledge, knowledge of the natural and organic ingredients that are used but also in how to use them for the best results. Read more>>

Joe Steiner | Content Creator & NICU Respiratory Therapist

I believe finding one’s voice is the end game for all artists. As creatives we can easily fall into the trap of following trends and popularity contests. They say the definition of a hack is one who strives to create the work they believe others want to see, a true artist is one who crafts the art they desire. Read more>>