Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Kandy G Lopez | Artist, Professor & Mother

As a parent, you always think (at least in my case) that you could’ve/should’ve done something different/better/stronger, etc. However, you are human and not to sound to clique but “you’re doing the best you can.” As a parent, it is important for me to apologize to my children when mommy did not react in the “best” way. Read more>>

Nathalie Garrison | Mental Coach and Pilates Expert

As a mother of two boys, I realized very early that I have to let them make their own decisions. I wanted them free from what we thought and therefore they will build, explore, and experience life. More importantly I wanted to let them leave the nest with this idea that they will do what ever they want, capable of everything by thinking out the box. Read more>>

NFN Kalyan | Artist

The funny thing is, I became a professional artist because I had a kid. I think most people may have the opposite reaction to becoming a parent. I had a steady job but quit to be an artist when my son was just a few months old. Whether I succeeded or failed, my son could know that you should take your shot in life. Read more>>