We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Cristian Bien Fresh | Traveller, Musician, Graphic Designer and Surfer of life

Travel and meet new people, new cultures. When you travel you learn a lot about new cultures, new sensations and feelings, you can exchange knowledge with people from everywhere, is really important to be open to other people no cares about country, religion and moree things. Read more>>

AUDREY LUGASSY | Local on-demand delivery 100% green 100% electric

Owning your own business can be very challenging but what makes me happy is to do what I love everyday! Having a sense of purpose, feeling valued, having flexibility and being in a positive workplace like Miami is the most important thing for me and nothing else can make me happier. I am motivated, engaged and productive in my business and receiving positive feedback and reviews from customers after each work well done makes me feel proud and valued and wanting to push myself to improve more and more in order to give the best customer experience. Read more>>

Zara Hernandez | Owner and Baker Thick Treats Miami

Just seeing someone enjoying something that I baked, makes my soul happy. I’m pretty sure I inherited the love for feeding others from my grandma who will always offer you food by the moment you would step foot in her home. For her, the biggest way to show someone that you care for them was by baking or cooking for them. If you think about it, we put time, creativity, and love into what we create in the kitchen. For that reason, when I see someone smile after they take the first bite from one of my cookies or treats, makes me do a happy dance for sure. Thick Treats for me is the way to share that happines with my Miami neighbors. Read more>>

Demetrius Conley | Drummer & Musician

What makes me happy is playing drums. Because its not too late to become a drummer, all you have to do is take sometime to practice, learn a few lessons, and also use your dedication behind your kit, meaning fall in love with this instrument like you really meant to play the drums. The real reason why playing the drums makes me happy is because I have feel alive, I have these emotions running down inside my body when I perform in front of hundreds of people, the greatest energy I have while I develop technology around the drum kit, and also having collaborations with other talented musicians out here in South Florida. A lot of people would say “drums is life”. Well, yes it is, on the other hand, becoming a drummer is a lifestyle for me. Read more>>