We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

RACHAEL RILEY | Author of the book I am Enough” & CEO of the clothing line RaeShelle (raeshelle.com)”

My peace is not an option; it’s a priority. I didn’t always have this mindset but as I grew to love myself I came to realize that my happiness began with me. My inner peace brings me happiness. Everything I do in my life aligns to my purpose….at least the things that I can control. Meditating on the beach at sunrise and hearing the waves as they hit the shore brings me peace, and makes me happy……. so I do more of what makes me happy…..always. Read more>>

Jenna Rogers | Brand Manager

Making a positive impact on the lives of others through the beauty and joy of plants makes me happy. Think about it; when you drive by a house without any plants in the yard or on the front porch, it feels a little cold and sad, doesn’t it? When you add even a single plant to the scene, somehow it seems a little warmer and just a bit more full of life. A house or apartment overflowing with flora and fauna, dressed to the nines in shades of green brings so much life to the home. Seeing people use our plants to liven up a space, knowing that we could improve their everyday lives, brings me so much joy and happiness. Read more>>

Nicky Rose | Tattoo Artist

The whole tattooing process makes me happy. From drawing the perfect design down to the last detail, to then placing it on my client and watching my vision transform into a beautiful piece of artwork . But the best part is truly seeing my clients face light up once they see the final result in the mirror it makes me happy knowing they are 100% content with the design. Read more>>