We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Carolina Ferreiro Diaz | Entrepreneur / Manufacturing

Doing what I love (manufacturing and creating life changing products) being able to add value to others. Read more>>

Lathysha Semper | CEO of Simply Semper Travels and Founder of Self Parency

What make me happy is following in the path that God has for me and to be obedient to every need and situation built just for me. It helped me find my purpose. Which is to help others find purpose to operate in their calling to pursue destiny. Once I understood what my purpose was in life it was like a bright light within me shinning from the inside out. It does not matter if it’s helping someone find a vacation package or coaching a client the hospitality in me shines and it bring fulfillment. Read more>>

Antoinette Watkins | Chief Executive Officer at The Diabaddie Organization

A year and a few months ago, this question would be less complex. Yet, the pandemic has completely reframed my mind and changed my entire idea of what it means to be happy. Happiness to me used to be anything that gave me instant gratification or was tangible. A new phone, money, ordering something off amazon, a new job, or making the dean’s list. Yet, today, my understanding of happiness is much more simplistic and turns out to be sitting home with my family, a good meal, a text from a friend asking if I’m alright, or laughing till my stomach hurts after a joke my cousin just told me. The moments that turn into memories, the things that make me feel loved and can never be taken away from me, that’s how I now define happiness. Read more>>

Janiece Gilbert | Graphic Designer & Brand Stylist

Creating makes me happy. Not just happy–it fuels me. It’s just something about starting off with a blank canvas and ending up with a masterpiece in the end that excites me! Working with clients and seeing their reactions just keeps me going strong. It makes me want to continue creating more masterpieces to feel that same energy over and over. It’s like a drug that I can’t seem to quit. Read more>>