We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Nicole Jazmine | Best Friends & Snack Connoisseurs

SNACKS make us happy! ECB was conceived through a happy celebration in 2019, we found a way to replicate that feeling by offering ECBs for all of life’s joyful moments. Whether it’s a life milestone, baby shower, or holiday event. We are happiest bringing people together through sharing tasty bites at a communal snack table that is carefully crafted and artfully displayed. Through the art of celebration, we are able to share our love of quality, seasonal and local snacks. We love curating our clients’ dream snack tables including their personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Our creations are an edible labor of love and somehow we found a creative outlet through grapes, salami, gummy bears, manchego, dried apricots, olives, rice krispies, almonds, strawberries, nutella, honey, gouda, and all the other snacks. Read more>>

CE Hunt | Writer-Photographer-Painter

I am a writer-artist because it makes me feel like I am helping people. I work to help increase thoughtfulness so people pursue things that makes them genuinely happy versus chasing ephemeral things that they “think” will make them happy. As I stress on my website (ce-hunt.com), I write to entertain, educate and inspire. I write to provoke thinking on matters that help people to be more thoughtful and helpful to each other. I paint and take photos to make people’s lives richer and also encourage people to take care of their surroundings and preserve places and history to give our lives context and make our lives more enjoyable. Read more>>

Khadijh Gomez | Hair stylist & Salon owner

Making my clients happy and exceeding their expectations Read more>>