Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Yannick Reid | Film Director, DP & Photographer

Personally, for me, I don’t always take the same approach to solving problems. I love the freedom to be able to weigh my options towards solving problems, and choosing the balance of the most effective & most creative solution. A creative career, allowed me greater flexibility to find value in my life by solving different problems and challenges with unique solutions. The diversity that my career allows, keeps me interested, fulfilled, and stimulated continuously, knowing that I don’t have to follow the same process and solve the same problems repeatedly, and there’s room to choose the solutions that fulfil me the most. Read more>>

Katherine Dorn | Celebrity Makeup Artist

I decided to pursue an artistic career because that’s the only thing I can possibly imagine I would be great at but also really really enjoy doing! I have always love to paint and draw since I was a little girl and I have carried that painting on over into my make up artist career Very fluidly. I see the human face as a canvas in which to enhance your best features. I believe that there is a way to do make up in which each client feels authentically their best self possible! I also love that I’m able to share my positivity, knowledge, and good vibes with every client because sometimes people just need an ear to listen And a word of support or encouragement. My career fulfills a lot for me I very much enjoy traveling and meeting new people and getting to do different types of make up artistry, it is a perfect match for me! Read more>>

Daniel Lopez | Hip Hop Artist

I pursued a creative career because it is the one venture where all of the different facets of the business don’t feel like work or a drain to do. I wake up invigorated to do all aspects of work because I truly enjoy it Read more>>

Diana Rada | Harpist for events

I am a live performance musician. I chose music as my career because it reaches hearts in a very profound way. I’m so grateful and thrilled when I connect with my audiences because I believe we are creating beautiful everlasting moments. Read more>>

Tianna Osbourne | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

I’ve been dibbling and dabbling in creative interests from songwriting to painting to making paper mache sculptures since a child, so pursuing a creative career was pretty much inevitable for me. Growing up I attended a very prestigious stem base middle and high school, unfortunately both schools did not have any creative programs for any of my interests. So I was pretty much programmed to just focus on mathematical and scientific careers and as schooling became more of a burden, I rarely had time to focus on my creative outlets. Excelling in my studies was never an issue but once I started to spend less time on what I want to do and more time on school, feelings of anxiety and depression began to pile up. Read more>>

Natalia Rubiano | Founder & CEO

I was born in Russia and spent a part of my childhood living inside the Imperial Palace of Catherine the Great. From an early age, I was exposed to history, art and design, having been around my mom and her business of renovating historical buildings. I drew inspiration from many of the historical artifacts found around the Palace and the stories surrounding it. Later on, my mom bought me my first notebook that I used to write in about my days at school and ever since then, writing my story and those of my clients through words, photography, videos and other creative marketing channels have become my career. More than that, it’s really what I love and live to do, so it’s also my life. Read more>>

Whitney Holmes | Calligrapher

Even as a child I have always had a love for art. I wanted to even be a graphic designer or cartoonist at one point. Art and creativity has always been a part of me. So when I first saw the look of calligraphy and the fancy way of writing and drawing letters I immediately fell in love with it. As I kept practicing I wanted to do more and that’s how Creative Letter Designs was born. Not only do I do want I love but I’m making money doing it! Read more>>

Full Court | Super Producer – Performing Artist – Record Label Owner

I think its important to realize the foundation of artistry and creativity. There is a natural connection between creation and who we are as humans in general. I think my pursuit has always been a life of freedom. True freedom which in the world we live in, and with where the world is going, is more than a small feat. In order to move mountains it takes a certain unstoppable will power. I find strength in that will power in natural pursuit of the things that fuel my growth at the root level. Everything in my life is personally curated by me, meaning the energy within that bubble remains pure. Read more>>