“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Esther Darius | Faith-Based Blogger, Visionary, Graphical Designer & Speaker

A principle that truly matters to me, is that “you reap what you sow”. As a Christian and Believer in Christ, I have come to hear this saying a lot. It’s a simple principle but often not understood. Sowing is the act of planting, scattering, and giving. I follow and believe this principle because in everything we do it takes this amount of energy and time to reap the benefits to receive a harvest. Whether if what we do is good, or bad there is still a reaping. For us to succeed we must constantly be planting and watering our gifts, talents, and skills because just like crops, our harvest doesn’t happen immediately. Even if we don’t yet see the benefits in what we are doing this principle tells me that what I am doing is at work. Just as a seed is growing, we can’t see it as it is below the ground. Read more>>

Lisa Nalven | Photographer & Member of Our Collective Humanity

Empathy and Integrity. That’s a simple answer to a complex question. The bottom line, as I see it, is how you live your life is what matters most. David Brooks the writer and cultural commentator speaks of the importance of eulogy values over resume values. I try my best to treat people with the most love and compassion I can muster. While in the parking lot of Costco last year I had a flash and had to buy the domain name, empatheticphotography.com. I’ve never used it, but it speaks to how I run my business and my relationships. This is not always easy. Self=reflection is key. I am launching a new venture as a result of the COVID situation. Fine art flower photography with an inspirational bent. I am hoping that it will afford me to continue to do photography with a purpose. Read more>>

Caleb McGrew | Esthetician, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Entrepreneur & Owner of SKN Miami

People first. This is our core principle at SKN. I have nothing, my company has nothing, without people. My team is supported to have a healthy work/life balance and it’s my goal to ensure they enjoy working in an environment where they are valued and motivated. We strive to exceed the expectations of every guest, client, or patient who enters our home. When the needs of the human beings who collectively create our professional atmosphere are top priority, everything else falls into place. People first. Read more>>

Caiti Waks | Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Sustainability Advocate

Integrity is the value that matters most. To me, this means adhering to your morals and values without hesitation, being honest, and treating all others with respect. If you work hard towards a goal with integrity, I believe nothing stands in your way. Because of your integrity, people will gravitate towards working with you, providing your initiative with more opportunities. Additionally, you will build an incredible reputation, which will take you further towards accomplishing your goals. In essence, I think staying true to your core values ultimately results in a wealth of opportunity and long-term success. Integrity is a founding principle of Debris Free Oceans – the adherence to our mission is of paramount importance, and the question “how does this fulfill our mission” stands behind every decision we make. Read more>>