“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Samantha Helene C. | Millennial Minister, Author, Christian Coach & Speaker

One of the most important principles that I value now today more than ever is the principle of patience. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is this principle can and does apply in every aspect of your life if you allow it to. Patience is a principle you grow to appreciate over time especially if you are in a position of leadership with a lot of responsibilities. It seems out of reach until you truly take the time to learn about what it truly entails and what you can learn from it if you choose to embrace it. In my experience as a minister and a business owner, there are a couple of key things I’ve grown to appreciate about the principle of patience. 1. Patience does not just involve the action of waiting for something, it also involves your attitude or perspective while your waiting. 2. Patience is what you do while your waiting. Patience for me is now more crucial than it ever because it establishes balance and solidifies faith in God. Read more>>

Nicole Perry | Intimacy Choreographer/Coordinator, Dance Educator, & Founder of Momentum Stage

Integration. Which has the same root as integrity. To me, this means a couple of things: 1. That all facets of my life support each other- my personal life and my work, my work in dance and my work in theatre, my work with Momentum and my work as an educator, etc. 2. That the spaces I am in allow for my whole self, and that the spaces that I hold allow others to bring their whole selves. 3. That doing what is right is better than doing what is easy, or what is right for only me. Read more>>

Fabrizio Colombi | Senior Marketing Consultant

I strongly believe in the principle of helping others. Since I was a child this was a strong principle that our family valued and shared. I quickly learned to find satisfaction in helping others. I originally wanted to be a chef and got a bachelor’s in culinary management. Although I only stayed in that industry for 4 years, it gave me a strong base to run any service business. Read more>>

Maria M. Ruiz | Founder of Chibiloulou & Dark Rabbit Society

Authenticity. I want my work to be as original as possible. I’m not interested in monetizing existing phrases or ideas that I didn’t create. Whenever I come up with a phrase or poem, I spend a considerable amount of time searching online to ensure a version of it doesn’t exist. The current market is a graveyard of “Live, Laugh, Love” phrases devoid of any originality or creativity. Read more>>

Michael Bordenaro | YouTuber and Miami Real Estate Agent

Honesty and integrity. Coming from the real estate business there are a lot people who have no problem stabbing you in the back for their own benefit. Or to sell a client a property they know they shouldn’t buy, just because it makes them a commission. Read more>>

Dylan Zivitz | Director & DP

I think having a good attitude in any given work/ professional situation is vital. No one wants to be around a negative person. Negativity is a poison that can penetrate any barrier if you let it. It’s something you cannot touch, smell, taste; but is something you can “see” and/or “hear.” So, having a positive attitude, although hard at times, can and will affect your work; and more importantly, your colleagues around you. Attack any project with positivity and good energy/ intentions, and it will produce a better product, I guarantee it. Read more>>

Sasha Olsen | The Girl Behind Legends From Mom’s Closet

I really value education! To me, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is learn. I love reading biographies about legendary people. That was the inspiration behind starting my project. The reason why I love education so much is because I think we can change the world through knowledge. It’s also amazing to understand more about legendary people’s lives and look up to them! Their success, dedication, and hard work to make a difference is what motivated me to share their stories with other kids in a fun and exciting way. Read more>>