How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Jama Vinogradov | Event planner

2 years ago I wouldn’t even imagine myself taking any risk. I had a job where I had worked over 7 years. I loved my job, it was easy, comfortable and very stable. That also means stable salary, didn’t increase much and didn’t decreased. I had my bubble, and I didn’t want to get out. I was so afraid being with no job, or being boss to myself, I guess afraid of responsibility. I was afraid of failure. I had so many ideas what I could have done, but I was so afraid quitting my job. 2020 taught me big lesson, I realized one thing, how I can be available and try other things if I am stuck here, not even trying. My stable job seemed like blocking all my blessings, but timewise literally was blocking, I had to turned down so many opportunities. Read more>>

Paige Tucker | Author and Brand Coach

I believe that taking positive risks is the key to success. When I was 25 years old, I was experiencing a quarter-life crisis. I remember speaking with my grandfather during the time I was having an emotional breakdown. The one thing he said was that while I had done so many great things in life, I didn’t take enough positive risks. He was absolutely right. I believed in coloring inside the lines, playing it safe, and following all of the rules. Shortly after that conversation, I took the leap and started my jewelry business. This was a huge step for me because I hated selling anything. I didn’t even like fundraising. I remember not having the money to invest, so I used a credit card. Read more>>

Fredner Frederic | Entrepreneur/ Business Magnate

Well when it comes to taking risk I believe it plays a major role in business because everything is a gamble it’s all about what kind of risk are you taking and does it make sense to you overall and honestly that have played a major role in my career as an entrepreneur and where I am today I only take risk with some type of leverage which I study everything around the risk that I’m about to take just to make sure my chances are higher than the average. Read more>> 

Sarah Trautman | co-founder, defy community

“No risk, no reward”. We’ve all heard this phrase hundreds of times when we talk to our friends and family about doing something in our lives that we might be unsure about or that seems really hard or a financial gamble. But is it really true? I think a better way to think about taking risk in one’s life and especially in your career is this – Doing anything has some risk involved. What do you value the most in your life that is worth taking a risk for? Read more>>

Nathalia Copeland | Business Coach + Mentor

Risk taking goes hand-in-hand with self-trust and knowing that you’ll be able to adjust course if things don’t work out exactly as planned. I’ve taken huge risks in my life from an early age. At 17, I invested my entire savings into a business attempt and lost every penny. At 22, I quit a soul-sucking job with no backup and lots of bills to pay. At 26, I invested $80k into a masters degree and then got an entry level job in my field that barely paid me $12/hour. Read more>>

Tony Torres | Gym Owner & Internet Marketer

I am a 100% risk taker. This sounds pretty cliche but “no risk, no reward”. When i was younger I didnt have a care in the world. I would risk it all, job, money, life. I’ve taken risked that landed me in hot water and I’ve taken risks that have paid off. Now as an adult with 2 little boys, I still take risks but they are calculated. The first thing i think of are my boys and how it will affect them should it not turn out in my favor. I remember wanting to open up a gym so bad that i really didnt care with whom i did it. Read more>>

Myrnelle Singh | Cosmetologist & developing Public Speaker

My idea of risk goes back to the old adage that says “no risk no reward”. I believe risk is important for us to move outside of our comfort zone. The things we fear of losing usually leads to growth. I can say I’ve made some pretty risky moves in my life and career and they have help me grow exponentially. Risk takes on the role of bravery at that point it feeds our confidence making us more fearless and the idea of taking bigger risks becomes less momentous. Of course I’ve risked many times and failed but what came was a valuable lesson for the future. When you see it this way you realize you never really lose because life is teaching you how to win. Read more>>

Nicole Shepard | Owner of Dough Girl

Risk defines how Dough Girl was created. Before creating Dough Girl, I went to college for accounting because I figured it was a career that would always be stable. After graduating I began working as an auditor. I was working a 9-6 and was definitely not happy with my career. I figured “everyone just works to make a living right?”. I thought I was stuck with no other options. I was going down the CPA route because that is the goal usually in accounting. Luckily, during this time I had posted a picture of the cookies I baked on my Instagram and received so many DM’s asking where they were from. I felt like this was a sign to leave my career and create something that I actually love doing. Dough Girl was born and I have never looked back. I risked my entire career for something that had no certainties. Although there have been many highs and many lows, I don’t regret one thing. Read more>>