We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Alice Hernandez | Handmade Jewelry Creator

The most important factor to success in anything in my opinion is consistency. For my business consistency meant doing something every day to further my business and gain brand exposure. Even if it meant changing something in my current structure or perfecting processes. Consistently working on making my processes better to develop my brand is the key to success for me, and still is to this day. Read more>>

Nikki Sharp | Transformation Coach, Wellness Expert & Best-Selling Author

I have three answers as they are all linked together. 1) Taking risks is necessary, even if they don’t work out as you wish 2) Don’t be afraid of “failure” 3) Pivoting your business is necessary. The reason these are all intertwined in my answer is because it’s what causes a business to be successful, versus those who don’t. I have had an enormous amount of what I have called “failures” in my career and yet, with each one I’ve learned a lesson. These didn’t happen without taking a risk and doing something that someone else was too afraid to do. You will not succeed in every single thing you try and I’ve learned this time and time again. Instead of getting attached to what didn’t work, I always the pivot an idea, how I executed it, or modify it completely. Read more>>

Kara Miller | Owner of Kara Miller Interiors

Consistency and never giving up. Behind every successful brand or business is someone loaded with grit and determination. It might look effortless, but building a business is a 24/7 role until you hit your stride, and even then it’s incredibly demanding. Read more>>

Freddy Reyes | Quality Performance Feed & Supplies Inc. Manager

The success of Quality Performance Feed & Supplies is based on the daily commitment that we have with our clients, in always providing them with the best product, the best service and personalized attention based on satisfying their needs. Being a family company, we have the opportunity to interact more personally with our clients and make them feel at home. We are a growing company with a serious relationship with our suppliers, which allows us to have a variety of products in the area of feed and supplements for animals. Read more>>

Lorenzo Borghese | South Beach Brewing Company Founder

I’m in the beer industry which is an extremely competitive industry, now more so than ever. So how was I going to compete against brands with far more capital, employees, distribution and history than my brand? To do this, I focused on what I wanted to see in the industry as a consumer. I love to buy USA brewed beers and there seemed to be a void in the “vacation” mindset American beers, essentially a craft beer brand that would be the Corona beach beer of the USA. And so South Beach Brewing Company was born (we found our beach and it’s a beautiful white Florida beach right here in the USA). Read more>>

Galia Hili Pasternak | Artist, Healer and Educator

I am deeply sensitive to the term success as it holds within at the same time its contrast- the failure . How do one defines success and failure? Is it when you make enough money? or when you are well known and popular? or perhaps when your parents are finally proud at you? for many years I was a victim of external definitions of success and not finding my own truth about it. That made me miserable. I knew there was no way I could follow up what I think the world appreciates. It took a while, until at the age of 35 I could no longer play this game anymore and broke free. I realized there was nothing i need to prove anyone. Read more>>

Waveney Henry | Leadership Career Coach & Hospitality Professional

The most important factor of success I would say is my focus on creating and bringing value to whatever I am doing. Be it professionally or personally. This is a standard that I have set for myself. Read more>>

Veronica H. Speck | CEO | Founder

First and foremost, my incredible family—parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and my younger brother who has been encouraging me to start my own business for years. I am very cognizant of the fact that I am incredibly blessed and fortunate to have parents that valued education above all else and were endlessly supportive of my endeavors. As far as the most important factor, Woody Allen once said “80% of success is show up.” The director is also quoted saying “the heart wants what the heart wants” regarding his questionable morals so he is not exactly the paragon of sound judgment; Read more>>