How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Irena Taneva | Yoga Instructor & Community Builder

I think I’ve always felt that there was something quite exciting about taking risks. We learn from risks — and those lessons may lead us on an important, new path. Great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking. If I would have never chosen to leave my corporate life in US and fly to Indian on a one-way ticket to pursue a yoga certification, I would have never end up working a job that gives me flexibility, freedom and independence. The way I see it, many people in Eastern Europe where I grew up don’t have many resources and we believe success won’t fall in your lap — you have to pursue it, you have to take risks. You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe. Until you don’t put yourself out there and take a risk, you will never be able to achieve professional success and realize your potential. Read more>>

Candice Maritato | Music Artist & Yoga Teacher

Taking risks it can be really scary! Staying at a job I hate for forever and being too afraid to make moves is even scarier to me. The way I think of it is if I am going to spend my time and energy for someone else’s business/dream.. why don’t I put that energy into myself and build my own life doing what I love? Quitting the “stable” job I was at for eight years to pursue touring music and teaching yoga has brought me more growth in one year than the eight I worked at a chain restaurant where no one gave a fuck about me. I was stagnant, miserable and always wondering “when is my dream was going to take off?” At a certain point I just couldn’t let my life pass by hating every day. Where you put your attention is what grows. Read more>>

Heather Monahan | Speaker, Author & Podcast Host

For years in corporate America, I would avoid risk. While I thought I was a risk taker, I really wasn’t. That is because I felt I had golden handcuffs and I was scared to lose my paycheck. When fear dictates your decisions, you can be sure that you are making the wrong choice. Fear is actually a green light that means go and go faster. Three years ago I was fired from my CRO position unexpectedly. I was devastated but I finally stepped into fear and started taking risks. I wrote and self published my first book Confidence Creator with no prior writing experience and that was a huge risk. I launched my professional speaking career at age 43 which seemed crazy! Then I launched my podcast Creating Confidence even though everyone told me I was too late to the podcast game. Read more>>