We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Michele Benesch | Manufacturing Company President

At Menu Men, we know that a menu is the only item 100% of restaurant goers are sure to read. Therefore we treat it as a marketing tool vs just a list of food items. We work with each client to custom create a menu design based on a food margin analysis, psychology research, food knowledge and yes, graphic design. This approach has helped our customers increase per check sales as well as helped implement a better menu to execute efficiently in t he kitchen. Read more>>

Scott Frielich | Restaurateur & Vice President

I would say the one thing about the hospitality industry that a lot of outsiders don’t realize is how much you have to rely on other people to be successful. There are so many moving parts in a restaurant and if one of those parts comes to a halt like a dishwasher not showing up for a shift it can destroy the entire flow of a restaurant. Every position is just as important as the next and being an owner you really have to be able to motivate, train, and build a culture to get your employees to thrive! Read more>>

Jamie Diaz | Dog Trainer

For the love of dogs, that’s why I got into dog training, but it is a lot more than that. Everyone always says to me “you are so lucky to be able to work with dogs for a living”, and I am, but way more goes into it. You have to be a people person. You have to be able to connect with people and communicate with them in a way that they will trust you with their beloved pets. To most people their dogs are everything to them, but if you cannot connect with the people then you will not be able to help their dogs. Unfortunately that is also my biggest problem when finding employees. They are dog people, but NOT great with people. Besides being a people person you also have to be excellent at timing, organization, training, time management, and be able to adapt to change your plans according to the needs of the dog. Read more>>

Amanda Patterson | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

With mental health, there are a lot of rules and ethics that guide our industry. We are not allowed to ask our clients for reviews. It’s so hard because reviews are the latest way potential consumers make decisions about the services they want to use. We often will ask friends, family members and colleagues to write our reviews since we can’t ask our clients to write them. We have to make sure we follow our ethical standards both in our clinical practices and our business practices. Read more>>

Zachary Balber | Artist disguised as a Photographer

The Art World is a very strange place filled with amazing geniuses that have a very particular focus in their life and work. There are many people that do documentary work, but photographing, Virtual scanning and video for the arts is not the same as any other industry. I am honored to be one of the most sought after documenters for the Art World in Miami and abroad. Working with artists is challenging because they expect a certain level of excellency with documentation of their work. The ultimate challenge with documenting art is translating the ideas of the artist into a digital format that compliments the artists work and practice. One of the best historical examples is acclaimed portrait photographer, Arnold Newman; who posed the artists in a format that mirrored their work and practice. Read more>>

Dorothy Senat | Artist

My creative motivation streams from my daily emotions and although I promote healing through arts my struggles are also learning how to use art to heal myself. Outsiders are probably not aware that most times I wake up and I do not want to paint or create anything. This notion is easier said than done but when I see how painting elevates the emotions of others that uses my services this makes me happy. I become appreciative and motivated to focus on my Journey of healing through art. Although Eda arts promotes relieving stress through art I’ am in the process of understanding how to allow art release some of my emotions. Read more>>

Charla O’Neil | Certified Nurse Midwife, APRN

I believe that most people including professionals do not understand what midwifery care consists of and/or how that care is provided by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) . Many will question the role as “you do home births”? I want to educate individuals that as a CNM I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (Nurse practitioner) and have a Master’s degree in Midwifery. I have a four year undergraduate BS in Nursing then completed graduate school and a clinical rotation/residency in Midwifery. I have been a CNM for 25 years and I safely provide care to women of ALL stages of the lifecycle including obstetrics and gynecology. My office practice consists of obstetrical patients and full gynecological services. All of my patients are delivered in the labor and delivery unit of my local hospital. I have separate office space that is used for all other ob/gyn services. Read more>>