So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Erika Chevalier | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach | Owner of Badu Fit

I would want my legacy to be that I helped everyone become the best version of themselves and helped them become who they want to be. I would want my legacy to inspire others to take their health more seriously in a world where America obesity rate stands at 42.4%, the first time the national rate has passed the 40% mark. Fitness is more than just the aesthetics, it’s about internal health; how you feel, how you think, and how you react. It is pushing through that threshold of pain and coming out from the other side feeling better than before. I want people to remember that I care about them, their health and body and that I am passionate about training. I want them to know that I have been in their footsteps before and that you can accomplish anything as along as you put your mind to it and work for it. Being a mom and a fiancé while also running a new business and going to school all at the same time is not easy but I make it work. Read more>>

Sira Garib | Vegan Baker and CEO

I want my legacy to be known as a strong woman who build a vegan business that serves all people with or without allergies. Providing delicious and seamless cakes and pastries to everyone that may have a dietary restriction. A business that will make an impact in society for future generations to come. I want to be remembered as a genuine, kind hearted person who brought joy to others through our baked goods. A person who would make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. Read more>>

Lilith Ghazan | Strength and Conditioning Coach

Building healthier and more confident communities is the primary goal. Personal trainers are not just experts in exercise science, but also great listeners, motivators, motivation speakers, emotional support system to their clients, great friends, somewhat psychologist. Sometimes, I joke around calling them life coaches. We really do it all. With passion and care. Helping people has always made me happy. Developing my passion towards healthy lifestyle is just one of the spectrum I have focused my career and business on. Seeing clients transforming from tragic car accidents, cancer treatments and years of physical and emotional pains, bad break-ups, financial loss, etc.. to healthy individuals, confident selves, inspired to take business, or relationship, or lifestyle to another level is what makes me happy. I cannot tell you enough how many men and women, or even teenagers, walk into my fitness facility not happy with themselves, uncomfortable with their physical appearance, with multiple health issues (diabetes, addiction, tears, sports injuries) barely making it through the day without any goal or direction towards brighter future. Read more>>

Victoria Mendes | Carla Goffredo | Mayerlin Barazarte | Leaders of The Organization

As a nonprofit organization our legacy would be to keep doing good in people’s life so that they can keep a smile. We push for others to remember all those values learned when providing for anyone in need; not only homeless people but also those that can feel alone or are going through difficult times in their life, such as the elderly people or those who are sick. We want people to remember this organization not only for everything done by giving to those in need but also for all the smiles and hearts touched with some hope and happiness. Read more>>

Solange McKenzie | Tall Girl Influencer

For me, it’s important for the next generation of tall girls and women to see themselves as confident and beautiful. I want them to know that they do not have to conform to the societal ideals of what a tall women should be. The term “tall woman” doesn’t define them, they define the term for themselves. So in short, the next generation and the freedom they’ll have to be who they are is my legacy. I want people to remember that I’ll always be part of their support system, regardless of if I know them or not. I strongly believe that everybody can win and I want them to win. I am here to offer whatever support and guidance I can for anyone to achieve and be their best!. Read more>>

Anaregina Frias | Author, Actress, & Yogi

I want to inspire people to be vulnerable and honest, if not with the world then with themselves. I want it to be more of a norm to share our pains, anxieties and difficulties with each other vs. stuff it down and smile. I want to change the narrative that to be an emotional, sensitive woman is to be weak and I want it to equate to power. Shameless, authentic power. I want people to remember I will always believe they can accomplish whatever dream they have in their heart and that it’s possible. I’ll die happy knowing I inspired people to live from their hearts. Read more>>