We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

GREG MANNION | Breathwork & Meditation Coach

That things should be done in a set way! I’ve seen many businesses and ideas that can be very singular in there formulas. I believe that everything is created in the moment and if we understand the principles of something then we can use that as a base to create our own way… Read more>>

Dr. Radisha Brown | Licensed Therapist & Breakup Expert

Hi new friends. I am Dr. Radisha Brown, known as America’s #1 Breakup Therapist. I am owner of iThrive Therapy, best-selling author of Girl, Get off the Couch and host of Hello Healing Podcast. I am also a woman that experienced a breakup and divorce that left me feeling like I wasn’t enough. Read more>>

Megan Levy | Children’s Book Author, Founder, & Brand Marketer

I used to push myself in everything before becoming a Mom, but I now disagree with the advice to “push through pain.” I feel it’s incredibly important to pause, to rest, and to listen to yourself and what your body & mind are saying. Rest can be the most difficult concept for us to admit we need, and I now realize that admitting it is a strength and not a weakness. Read more>>