We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Michael Schluetter | Innovator & Interior Designer

One thing that most people are unaware of is that the Kitchen Design Industry is highly driven by a European Background. Traditionally this has a lot to do that the modular Kitchen Planning philosophy originated from the “Frankfurt Kitchen”, developed in 1926 by Austrian Architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky in a Social Housing project in Frankfurt, Germany. This forward-thinking new Concept was quickly adopted by german cabinetry manufacturers and perfected in the sixties and seventies into a modular design system, that we use all the way up to this day. This simple concept has evolved into an international Design Style that is based on Metric Spacing, and the Ratio of the Human Body. So a lot of our contemporary Design nowadays took shape in these early days. Read more>>

Cyril Bijaoui | Real Estate Broker & Principal

It looks a lot easier than it really is. Without trying to sound poetic, real estate is more art than science as you could be selling the exact same property and swap pout the principals and have a whole different set of results. It is ultra subjective. It is a very long term industry mostly filled with short term thinkers trying to play the numbers and burning relationships along the way. My best anecdote that I like to share with new agents is that a $150k condo sale led to a $7m waterfront home sale by way of a referral. Focus on quality, not quantity and organically nurture your professional relationships. Nothing forced ever works out. Read more>>

Diane Treganza | Owner & Personal Shopper-Stylist

Most people think the role of a Personal Shopper- Stylist is all glamourous and you spend your day shopping. Although the shopping part is accurate (although it’s a different experience when it’s for someone else). What people don’t understand is the ‘psychological’ role you take on with your clients. You become the clients confidante, friend and most importantly- a trusted figure with their personal information. They (clients) share their anxiety and issues -about body parts they dislike-, their secrets (divorce, children, jobs)- all in strict confidence. Your role is to listen and encourage them to feel their BEST; be their most successful and Sexiest- through their wardrobe. I love seeing my clients shine when they put on something I suggested for them- it’s the biggest reward/pay back! Read more>>

Sebastian Eilert, AIA | Architect

A common misconception of clients is the cost and profit for architects, especially boutique firms. Too often I get rolling eyes when presenting my cost proposal for design work, indicating that my fee is outrageous and too high. There are 2 sides to this reaction that clients should understand. The first is that the process of creating takes time, energy, training and experience. It is a process that is very difficult to quantify. Even the “quick napkin sketch” that could be done within a few minutes is rooted in years of experience and developed skill. This “invisible cost” is typically not recognized or even dismissed by clients as the “visible” work product is always a result of this initial process. Second, there is the cost of operation and a surprisingly small profit margin to be considered over time. Read more>>

Jason Wasser, LMFT | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Certified Entrepreneur Coach

Many people have the idea that seeing a therapist is for those who have a clinical disorder or diagnosis such as depression or anxiety. In fact, majority of my clients are what I call “the worried well”, the average successful human that wants better outcomes in all aspects of their life. They are typically people in a relationship or looking to be in one, in a stable career and looking to grow more in their field or entrepreneurs looking for all around therapeutic emotional support and strategic coaching. I love inspiring my clients to build the dream team of professionals to help surround and support them to reach their goals with certainty. Read more>>