We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Alter Ego – DJ Loren | Resident DJ & Producer

Being a Resident DJ and Producer, often times outsiders are unaware of the amount time that goes into preparing, curating and organizing music. When I am at a party, all the mixing is done live and on the fly based on the reactions and energy of the crowd. The most important factor to be able to successfully feed off the crowds energy and perform at a professional level is by having organized crates of music that are clearly labelled. Read more>>

Christen Parker-Yarnal | Educator & Staff at The Miami Sudbury School

Education is so often associated with forcing children to do things that I believe force has almost become synonymous with education. In graduate school, we strategized how best to “motivate” students to follow our particular educational agenda. Too often, even with the greatest intentions and most creative efforts, this drive to motivate is without regard to a child’s actual interests, development, or the relevant contexts that would make whatever they’re learning something naturally interesting instead of forced work or an expected performance. Read more>>

Pedro Mora | Car Salesman and Finance Manager

People tend to think that profits in the car business can be huge, when in fact they are not that big when you compare it with the investment and risk. But the one probably anyone in the car business hates the most is the myth that you can negotiate amazing discounts if you’re trying to buy cash. We all know “someone” who got a 40% discount because that person had cash in his/her pocket. Read more>>

Jako (Diego Jacome) | Tattoo Artist

The time and effort that you must dedicate after your work hours, your day does not end after you get home, you have to continue working, stay awake, and the next day continue working early. The physical wear and tear involved in tattooing for long periods of time. I think that many people believe that creativity is something that artists have innately, but it requires a lot of dedication and study and this takes a long time to be able to do something original. Read more>>