It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Diamos Demerritt, Joe Wesley, Katana Malone, and Erica Weste | Executive Team at Anpu Production

Our end goal, is to create a beginning for those who come behind us. To pave the way for young, minority entrepreneurs who are passionate, pioneers in their field. To build a brand that not only represents our people, but tells black stories without those stories being told for us. Our end goal is to give back to the community by showcasing that we are more than just a quote or a hashtag, but are thriving in business, technology, culture, education, and entertainment. To prove that, by coming together, we can do far more. We aspire to continue promoting local talent, businesses, artists, and locations beyond what the world sees of South Florida. To bring the people together in ways that nourish us with great content and bring us together for important matters like self defense and mental health. Our end goal, is to build something that lasts long after we are gone. Read more>>

Iman Huschmand | Entrepreneur

The end goal is to have positively impacted the lives of as many people as possible. How did I make them feel? Did I enrich their lives? Did I bring joy to as many as I could? Did I grow great leaders so that the community thrives? Did I truly take care of every single client by overdelivering on quality and service? Read more>>

Lenin Rincon Jr | Musician & Label Head

The end goal for Lenny The Heart & Black Hoody Recordings is to be one of the Top Music Publishers, Distributors and Labels whose roster of Artists (including myself- Lenny The Heart) will have put out some of the most timeless music in the world, of all time. I can be sure that this end goal has been reached when we are able to see the Loyalty of our Fanbases Worldwide. Myself, Lenin “Lenny The Heart” Rincon, Jr would like to know that I have instilled the work ethics and values in people to keep the legacy of Black Hoody going. We definitely want to touch the masses not only musically, but in ways that heal. Read more>>

Juan Cancino | Musical Producer

the goal is not more like to share all of our music arround the world, traveling and knowing the diferent cultures in cities, countries and world generaly, Also we want to can help the poorest people with the money we could get per shows. Is not only about us, the art is a way to help, emotional and monetary for the most damaged people in the world. the goal is to be bigest in music and like a persons, all of this with our music or our art. Read more>>

Michela Nale | Photographer

I always knew what I wanted since I was at school and after many years of building my career I’ve learnt that what it’s more important for me is to enjoy every moment of my life doing what I like most. So I decided to become a full time photographer and work with people that appreciates me and my work. That’s my end goal, be passionate about my work and being appreciated for what I do, an happy client is always what makes me feel fulfilled. Read more>>

Cadz | Singer/Songwriter

I am manifesting that my end goal will be me, Cadz, headlining one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. This can include Woodstock, Summerfest, or Coachella. Once I get off that stage I will feel like my career will be complete and I hope I don’t lose my flame, but motivate me to push past boundaries that others dream of. Read more>>