People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Lilly Lovely | Cosmetologist & Creative Director/Writer

I would have to say believing in myself. That was the hardest, coming from a Caribbean culture, following your dreams do not pay bills or it has to be luck never something that if you work hard you’ll make it. So when I decided to strip away everyone else expectations of me and fight for what I wanted . Oh man ! It was the most difficult decision because at that moment I was literally giving myself no other option but to make this happen. Also as a single mother, to literally quit a secured job and just solely believe that my talents were going to put food on table, and a roof over our head had to be the craziest but best thing I did , because at that moment I gave myself no other option but to believe in myself so I can follow my dreams. I knew my kids are going to be watching me and as a parent, if I want my children to follow their dreams who better than I to lead them by example. Read more>>

Jasmine Wheeler | Private Chef

One of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make was deciding to walk out on faith & becoming a Full-time Entrepreneur. In May 2020 I was furloughed from my job due to Covid. During the time of me working I was still yet working my business Grandma’s Apron on the side. A lot of entrepreneurs make it seem easy to be, but honestly it was a scary feeling especially when you don’t know when your next “sale” will come in. When you are working a job you have a sense of security, because you know no matter whether you do a good or horrible job, at the end of the day your getting a paycheck. With entrepreneurship there are no guarantees, its strictly hard work & a lot of faith for me. Read more>>

ohn Persaud | Poet|Rapper|Singer|Songwriter

The most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make was to stop settling for what is “safe”. Take that risk, be adventurous. Live in your 20’s, make mistakes (just not the same ones) And continue to bet on yourself, invest in you FIRST. Read more>>