Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Julianna Clare Strout | Commissioner & Founder

Priorities shift as we move forward. Its important to always establish in your life what your priorities are. It helps keep you on task for your goals and creating that balance. Not everything can consume your energy. Drawing the line in the sand helps you develop control in your life. When I have made these choices and I stuck with them I saw the benefits and the results quicker. Sometimes it comes down to simplify your life. I have been told that I can do more in a day than most. I have three full-time jobs. My mental strength to also take on so much in a day has been evolving over the years. Knowing your limits though is important to establish before to push yourself too hard. My balance has changed as my responsibilities have increased. Currently, my time is focused on work, so I can lay the foundation for the future I aspire towards. Read more>>

Denise Fournier | Psychotherapist, Coach, Facilitator & Writer

The concept of balance wasn’t something I gave much thought to before starting my own business. I was always a major overachiever who prided myself on being busy all the time. My sense of self-worth was completely wrapped up in how productive or accomplished I was. I regularly pushed myself to the max in all areas of my life, and I felt lazy if I let myself rest. But that all changed when I got diagnosed with cancer a couple of months before opening my practice. Although I was fortunate to have a form of cancer that responded well to surgery and treatment, I was rocked by the experience. It completely blindsided me and forced me to slow down. It led me to reconsider every aspect of my life. Knowing that I was soon going to be a solo business owner, I made a conscious decision to go into that venture with a solid commitment to staying balanced. Read more>>

Irma Parone | Consultant, Speaker & International Best Selling Author

My thoughts on work-life balance have changed tremendously. I was always so focused on work that a lot of life slipped by me (including a marriage). Although I loved my family very much, I know now that I didn’t do enough to enjoy our time together. My life changed dramatically when my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. When we moved her to Florida to be near me, I was still traveling. Mom became very confused, which is when I gave my notice to resign. I was not sure how I would handle “retirement,” but spending the last years of her life by her side was the best. Yes, it was heartbreaking to see her suffer through that terrible disease; at least I did what I could to comfort her. I did soon after start my business, and when mom passed, I was at full speed again until I found out I had cancer. During my treatments, I had no choice but to slow down. Work-life balance happens if you choose it or not, and my suggestion is not to wait too long to choose it, because you deserve and will enjoy every minute. Read more>>