We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Hansel Porras Garcia | Actor, Filmmaker, Screenwriter & Writer

I don’t feel like I’ve ever pursued an artistic career. In a very personal way and without this sounding presumptuous, I feel that art chose me. I don’t remember a time in my life when I ever imagined, or dreamed of being something other than an artist. And I say artist, because I also remember that there was no path outlined since then. I have always wanted to do many things, or express myself in many different ways, or tell stories using various mechanisms. Without a doubt, my aunt Yamily Izquierdo Mesa had a lot to do with everything. She was a radio actress from my hometown of Pinar del Río in Cuba, and she took me to her work frequently. From there on, I fell in love with the magic of radio. Even today, whenever I stand in front of a microphone, my soul magically flies. I usually joke that there is something genetic in my family, because in general, we are all very expressive. Read more>>

Cody Tyler | Artist/writer

I’ve always loved art and self expression ever since I was a child and as I got older mainly starting in 4th maybe 5th grade that inner knowing came alive. Since day 1 my “WHY” has always been to bring Hope to people and a sense of encouragement and belonging. I felt and continue to still feel that there are many people who feel alone or nobody understands them and who truly have good hearts and things they want to do but have no support or someone to relate to on a REAL level. I feel that through my music and writing abilites and now scriptwriting/acting I can grow it further to help and expand more. At the end of the day it’s all about spiritual fulfillment. I feel like my heart has ENOUGH for everyone. Read more>>

Ryan Boyle | Photographer

Growing up, I always had a running imagination. I loved cameras, lights, anything to do with movie production. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to go out to Los Angeles for the first time, and going really kickstarted my photography/film passion. I love to create new things that no one has seen before and I try to go out of my way to make pictures look amazing. Read more>>

Diana GeRen | Boudoir & Beauty Photographer

Photography has always been a passion of mine however, growing up, I was led to believe that this field had no opportunities for personal or financial growth. This is why I wound up in a professional career that offered “a future”; I became an Occupational Therapist. Here I quickly reached the top of the corporate ladder, and realized that something was missing. The repetitive work and the structured schedule bored me. I needed a career that matched my transformational, expansive nature. So one day I made the decision to start photography full time which added so much joy and fulfillment to my life. Today, after many years exploring, experimenting, and working with different genres, I’ve found my way to Boudoir and Beauty Photography. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my creativity and show my clients how incredibly beautiful they are. Read more>>

Javornie Brathwaite | Artist/Designer/Creator

Of all the lessons that are attributed with starting your own business/career that you can learn I feel Patience is the most important, at least for me it has. As Cliché as it may sound patience to me is one of the most vital and integral lessons that starting anything on your own may teach you. Having Patience within your pursuit of success is what can allow you to persevere through all the adversity that is associated with starting something of your own. At a young age we are conditioned to expect results within a set time frame. You study and take a test you get the results the next day, you get good grades you get rewarded, you get through 4 years of school you graduate, you do x-number of years to get your masters etc. Read more>>

Katja Rauhe | Commercial Actress

My humble suggestion: Be kind and helpful. Being kind to the people I work with is something that always paid me back over the years. Being kind and respectful allows me to communicate better, be more compassionate, it makes the connection easier, especially in the film industry where you work with new people every day. The world we live in needs more love and kindness. Read more>>

Ruddy Harootian | Experience Leader & Culture Carrier

The most important lesson I’m learning is consistency and to always be able to provide what I have to offer. It’s a hard lesson and I don’t think I’m all the way there yet. I’ve come to see that the more people feel that they know what to expect from your brand the easier it is for them to fall into it and support it. As an artistic person I’m always wanting to change and tweak and reflect my current inspirations onto my company, but on a business level that is usually a bad idea. It confuses people and being self indulgent that way can come across to a consumer that there’s an “all over the place” feeling. You have to be strategic and consistent. Read more>>

Tiffany Toney | Actor & Film Producer

The right relationships are priceless, because the wrong ones can totally throw you off your path and slow your progress. I used to think that there were mostly “good” people in the world and only a few bad ones out there. But I quickly learned that it’s actually the opposite. So that knowledge has allowed me to cherish “good” people more than ever because there are so few of them. Finding them…means you’re on the right path…You have to really hold on to the people who value and respect you, the same way that you value & respect them and fire the ones who don’t. That has been the biggest, most valuable lesson for me. It’s given me permission to trust myself and my intuition, and that is a really great feeling. Read more>>