Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Stephan M | DJ and Music Producer

It was a natural progression. I have been into music since a young age, I was producing my own radio shows and mixtapes in my bedroom and collecting all the music records I could, until I had the opportunity to DJ for the first of many teenage parties. Eventually a Local radio station signed me for a weekly radio show soon becoming a daily radio show, few years after I ended up on a big national Fm Station named NRJ. National Radio exposure led me to DJ at some of France’s and International most elite venues and events until it was the time to move to USA in the peruse of my “American dream” where soon enough I found myself as the resident DJ at the legendary BASH (Sean Penn and Mick Hucknall’s nightclub) alongside Robbie Rivera, George Acosta and other well acclaimed DJs. Read more>>

Graciela Pereira | Actress and Digital Creator

I decided to pursue my dream career as an Actress, because I want to be that resource for others, as an artist inspiring, healing and educating through the interpretation of compelling stories. Read more>>

Donny Frauenhofer | Musician

My path towards an artistic career is a similar story to so many others – nothing else ever truly seemed like an option. In early adulthood while everyone was trying to figure out who they were and their path, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had been playing music since childhood, but I remember the feeling well when it hit me – it almost seemed like a divine calling. I am here to bring people together with the power of music. Read more>>

Davidson Frederick | Musician

I stutter so my speech is different for everybody else.. Music is the best way for me to express myself. I explain my stories everything I experience the best Through my music you can hear and feel what I been through. Very different than if I had to sit and explain myself regularly or on a phone convo. I sing to inspire. Whatever disability you have do not let that stop you from pursuing what you love. I love music, this is my best way of communication. Read more>>

Angellina Monae | Model & Entrepreneur

Why did I pursue a creative career? That is a great question actually. When I look back, this is honestly who I’ve always been. I’ve always been a creative person who loved showcasing it through entrepreneurship. I remember being a kid and randomly, impulsively deciding to start my first business. I was so determined to do something. 11 year old me was so elated to get at least $20 each order so that I could help out my Mom. I would sell my art work, such as drawings, paintings and even tattoo designs, to people around the world. Read more>>

GusColors” Gustavo Ramirez | Artist “

I don’t feel I chose an artistic career, art has simply always been a part of my life. Ever since I was young I loved to create and be creative. It all started with drawings, and with time developed into paintings and then sculptures. Since then I’ve been painting and haven’t stopped evolving my style. Art is beautiful – it’s an integral part of our existence and it’s the earliest way that we as humans began to record our own history. Art is a connection to our past, present and future. Read more>>

Chase Lloyd | Screenwriter & Actor

I have always been into the arts, creative writing in particular. I began my writing career in the 5th grade. While a lot of my peers were into video games and other entertaining gadgets that most kids are at the age, I would sit down and begin crafting my own short stories. I can vividly remember, being so exited about my work, I would take my stories to my English teacher at the time, for him to read. It paid off, he liked my work so much, that he recommended me to enter a writing contest for the local new paper, which at the time, had a section for children who wanted to express their creative abilities. Read more>>

Nautica G | Model

I love being able to express myself with no limitations. Being able to see my work, my thought process, the end results are really satisfying to me. I’ve always been into fashion and I love art so as I got older I found outlets such as modeling and designing to freely be able to express my passion for those things. Read more>>

Brandon Hurst | Art Director /Designer /Creative

I grew up in the 90’s where my house there was always music playing and or a music video was playing on my tv. These factors played a huge part in me being creative. My first love was/ still is music, my mother is to thank for that she introduced me to music and singing at a young age. I always felt like I was creative, use to love to color, coloring books where my favorite then I got introduced to legos, and that’s where my imagination flourished, building things and acting out scenarios. Read more>>

Christine Lynes | Yoga professional & creative artist; painter and designer of wearable art!

I believe that creativity is one of the universal energies. It is a driving force in my life and always has been as long as I can remember. As a child, I went to specialist schools for the Arts as I was lucky enough to have parents who recognized my gift for interpreting the visual in life early! I have always used art to express myself so when it finally came down to career planning it seemed like the only plausible thing I could do. Read more>>

FerrisWheel Jay | Viral content creator

I pursued an artistic career because it let me be myself. I had full control of showing what goes through my mind as being a influencer and making content that fits any brand Read more>>