We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Dawn Scott | CPA, podcaster, and Digital Content Creator

The biggest factor that sets my business apart from other businesses in my industry is the personal connection. We prioritize the human aspect of what we do in order to connect with our clients on a more intimate level. We want to know why someone has the money habits they have, it helps us create a process that works well for them. We talk about our clients history around money, their comfort level in different areas, their concerns and really focus on delivering results that will set them up for success. Most of our clients are people who do not feel comfortable in a traditional accounting firm. They do not want a once a year transaction, they want a year round partnership. Read more>>

Darrin Eakins | Founder & CEO of DuBlasé Whiskey

One of the most important factors behind the success of DuBlasé Whiskey is our team. I’ve hired a talented group of individuals that have experience in the spirits industry and a true passion for my vision. They are diverse, supportive, goal oriented and enjoy working together. Their work is one of the driving forces behind our brand. They are true experts at their crafts, continually focused on the consumer experience, the quality of our whiskey and the overall success of DuBlasé. Read more>>

Brianna Collins | Owner & Ceo

The most important factor behind my success/ the success of my brand, is that I am always willing to learn from others. I strive to help other entrepreneurs in my city understand the value of networking. Having like-minded individuals around you who are doing better than you or are where you want to be. An extended family business. Read more>>

Vero G. | Artist/Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is determination and having a strong faith system. Never giving up on yourself or your purpose in this world is why I work hard every day to make it possible. To inspire others to keep your dreams alive. The success of my brand starts from within. I have to believe in myself before others believe in my brand and what I represent. We all have dealt with nay sayers or does that doubt us. But in the end of the day it’s about what you want to accomplish in life and your legacy. Read more>>

Lauren “Elle” Howard | Hair Artist & Cranial Prosthesis Specialist

The success of my brand lies in my ability to translate my vision and make it relatable for my target audience. I know I’m not for everybody, but my Mane Course clients know that I will continually exceed their expectations. I am my brand and the bulk of my success comes from me being true to myself. When I step outside, I represent my brand. My success comes from me being authentic. I am relatable and I have worked hard to convey the message that beauty via haircare is attainable. Read more>>

Karineé Lopez | Herbalist & Medicine Woman

My most important factor behind my success has to be my support system. My husband and my kids have been great support system for me when it comes to creating my brand, and following my dreams. They are there when I have to go to vendors markets, when I need to ship an item, and when I’m needing anything for my business. Having a strong support systems gives me the strength to keep going when things are going less than ideal, they always cheer me on and push me to continue going, celebrating with me the smallest success and the big ones too. Without their support there would be no SanaTé Herbals. Read more>>

Pierre Hosang | Club Director & Soccer Coach

The most important factor behind our success is that we love what we do! The success of our brand, Miami Krew Soccer, has a lot to do with our willingness and passion to develop good human beings, rather than just good soccer players. During the growth of our business, there have been numerous obstacles that we had to overcome. We already knew that if it was too easy, it probably was not worth the time. We embraced the challenges with purpose, an open mind and determination. We always believed in ourselves, our mission and were driven to be a top youth soccer Club in Miami. Read more>>

Jason Wood | Mental Health Author & Advocate

I find that I am most successful in my advocacy work and book sales when I embrace the power of authentic storytelling. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing vulnerability is scary, especially for men. We live in a world full of stigmas and stereotypes. Men are expected to be physically strong and emotionally silent. We are taught at a young age that boys don’t cry and that we need to “man up” rather than speak up. Read more>>

Nicole Walker | Award Winning Podcaster and Podcast Launch Coach

The most important factor behind the success of my brand, WinHers United the podcast, has been consistency. Over my journey so far I have discovered that showing up can be the hardest part for many people, yet when we do not show up we miss out on so many opportunities. With podcasting there is a term called podfade. Podfade is when a podcaster starts a podcast, then drops it without any notice to the listeners. Although there are millions of podcast created, there are not millions of podcasters consistently putting out content. Read more>>

Alejandro Gonzalez | Computer Repair Technician & Mobile Notary for Real Estate

In 1998 I started ASACOL Services as a Training Consulting firm in Colombia, SA, which is where I am originally from. Training is my passion; however, my second passion has always been computers, so in 2008, when I moved back to the USA, I started A+ PC Clinic, which is a daughter company of ASACOL Services. I have kept a clear mind of what my companies represent and a focus on where I want to go in the future. I still operate both companies, although ASACOL Services changed from Training Consulting to Mobile Notarization but overall the success of my companies has been my Customer Service skills. Read more>>