What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Cassie Wegeng | Lifestyle & Brand Photographer

I think most of us can say that our perspective on work life balance has dramatically changed over the last few years. For the first 10 years of my working life, I managed to land several of my childhood dream jobs that took me all kinds of cool places, even living in the Caribbean for a couple of years. While it was a fun adventure, every one of those jobs required working weekends, holidays, and making next to nothing. Read more>>

Anirudh Chauhan | Crunches Data from the Satellites and the Internet (Data Engineer) & balancing that with Photography and Music as his hobbies

That’s a very good question. It’s good to read about the experience and take notes but time teaches us everything. As we mature, our priorities and responsibilities change, and even our daily energy levels change over time. As a young graduate entering the corporate world, we are always eager and dynamic and think less about our future but more about the present and our upcoming weekends and holidays. We are ready to work overtime, travel great distances for work, spend more time in transit, and eat whatever our mind wishes. We don’t realize how important work-life balance is as our body also allows us to handle an extreme amount of physical and mental pressure. Read more>>

Yaël Yermia | Communication officer, writer, blogger and podcaster

Balance is always important in one’s life. As a woman and when you become a mother and you are working at the same time, it is mandatory. You need to schedule your life to achieve what you really want. I always tell my daughters, succeeding is anticipating. But with all what is going on, the economic problems, the pandemic, I mostly try to adapt my wishes to what it is possible to do. Because you need to adjust all the time. And that is the difficult part because it can be really frustrating not doing what you want, especially when you turn fifty. Read more>>