What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Margaret Wheatley | Film Photographer, Videographer & Creative Director

There is no work-life balance as a creative. When you are doing your passion (for me that’s photography) it is latched onto your personal life with an unbudging grip. What you call balance more closely resembles a boat on the open seas swaying side to side with no rhyme or reason. It’s just that when you care a lot, you learn to take life as it comes. Being your own business is not going to be a perfect 50/50 split of work and relationships/personal time, because my personal time is spent doing what I love with the people I love, they’re incorporated as one. Read more>>

Dana Flanagan | Top Producing Realtor

As my business grew, so did the need for balance. In real estate it can be hard to shut it off- there is always a call/email or text coming in. It’s so important to set boundaries and create some balance. Whether that be a hobby, family time, travel, health and wellness etc. I first invested in leverage. You can’t grow without help. Delegate and pass off things that are not a good use of your time. It will open up opportunities to do things that matter more to you whether that be a specific focus of your business or something that you wish to do in your personal life. For me, I go hard at everything that I do. Read more>>

karmel bortoleti | actress, model, independent film producer-diretor

manage work and being a single mom of three and be living in another country sounds terrifying right? well, it could really be hahahah but i guess balance is what helps me keep on track of my kids, house and work… we need to understand that quality time is more efficient than longer time…. when i seat down to work, i really spend that time focused on what its needed to be done. When is kids time, its kids time and when is time for me to take care of myself its REALLY my alone time. Read more>>

Parker Sloan Leiro | Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach

I’ve always been someone who gets all my work done, tries to make everyone happy, and check all the marks — even if the work didn’t fully align and if I felt burnt out by it. Fortunately I’ve always prioritized sleep and nourishing meals, but there was a more intrinsic part of me that wasn’t balanced. Being a young adult, recently out of school and very much “doing things for myself” right now, I recognize that true balance comes from feeling fully aligned with and inspired by anything that I choose to put my energy toward. To not just do things to make others happy, Read more>>

Samantha Heskey | Event Designer

My work life balance has significantly changed over the last 3 years. On average i work About 50-60 hours a week, sometimes working for days on end with no days off in between. 3 years ago I didn’t work so many hours in a week, as my business has grown the number of hours in which I’ve had to put into my Business has significantly grown over the years. There are times where I’m completely booked out for events for 12/ 14 consistent weeks without any breaks. Read more>>

Wendy Paskow | Integrative Medicine Wellness Coach and Real Estate Advisor to Institutional Investors

I’ve incorporated scientific modalities in Health and Wellness to eradicate any blockages or obstacles in my path, that forbids me to create and conquer life enrichment results. The journey of an infinite world of possibilities has expanded with my mental focus, clarity and enlightenment, I must credit the ability to stay within and skillfully I have adopted the techniques to to reach deeply into my mind to activate the motivation, determination and appetite for success!. This personal mind-set has matured in time based on the freedom to grow and have a laser sharp vision of the end goals in my life professionally. Balance to me is slowing down and “smelling the roses” not allowing your body and mind to detach, staying whole and settled inwardly. Read more>>