Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Felipe Carvajal | Guitarist & Composer

I think this is a very common question that people have asked me before. The correct answer is because I needed to. When you feel the urge to wake up, have breakfast, and spend the day doing music/art to feel good with yourself, that’s a good reason to be an artist. It’s not money, fame, or anything else, it should be a feeling of finding yourself when you do your art/music, and that path makes you feel happy. Read more>>

Natalie Galindo | Multidisciplinary Artist, Lover of all things love, Yoga Instructor

For as long as I could remember I have always loved art and anything creative. I was that kid that never wanted to do homework because my head was always in the clouds. You’d catch me always daydreaming and doodling, doing anything and everything but my homework. The obvious thing for my parents to do was to sign me up for after school art classes. I also grew up watching my dad sing (he’s the owner and lead singer of his mariachi Band) and my older brother toured internationally with a Latin-American boy band, MDO. I can confidently say creativity flowed easily in my home! I graduated with a degree in painting at the University of Florida although It wasn’t my first choice. In my first year of college I chose psychology as my major, mostly because I didn’t think Art was a sustainable career. Read more>>

Bri Janét | Vocal Artist

Growing up all I ever wanted to do was sing. Nothing in this world made me happier. I always told myself I do not want to live my life in regret of not following my passion. Also, there are so many different avenues of music that I enjoy beside being an artist such as, bgv (back ground vocals), voiceover vocals and even writing. I love all aspects of it and my goal is to extend myself in all those areas. All I know is music and from a young age I just knew thats what I needed to pursue. Read more>>

Laura Galbán | Art Dealer and Art Appraiser

I spent most of my childhood visiting museums and cultural institutions. My mother is an art historian and my father a writer as well as both of them college professors so I grew up surrounded by culture. During my teenage years, I would visit museums and churches for fun and until this day it is one of my favorite things. I was 7 years old when I decided to be an archaeologist and then attending New York University decided to study art history and specialize in Latin America with a minor in Islamic art. It is not easy to study what you love and then have a job that you love. After graduating from my masters in Art History at New York University I had one of my favorite jobs. I organized cultural events for a non-profit organization that promoted Latin America in the United Kingdom. I organized exhibitions, concerts, and lectures. I had to raise money for the events and promote the artists. This job was the basis of what I have created at l’Artban. I enjoyed so much working with artists and getting people to know them. Read more>>

Rosaria Vigorito | Artist

Actually, the pursue was a direct and logical progression of my path once I reawakened to who I was all along. I have worn many figurative hats as in I am an Italian-American, a lesbian, a retired NY lawyer, NY law librarian professor, and an ovarian cancer survivor, but my calling is that of an artist. I knew I was one as far back as age seven, but my calling resurfaced later in my life. I rediscovered my childhood passion for art as an adult, which I call my second coming out. Thereafter, pursuing a visible artistic career was my way of sharing my work. Read more>>

Miguel Yurrita | Cartoonist & Sequential Artist

Mostly because it pursued me first. Before I even knew comics and art could be a viable career choice, I was already obsessively drawing and making comics. So, as I got older the drawings developed a portfolio and the portfolio helped start the career. As to why this compulsion existed in me so early, I would have no idea BUT I can guess: Either a burning passion carried over from a previous life OR I liked cartoons more than numbers as a kid. Read more>>