There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day.  However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Micha Butler | Entrepreneur

The habits that helped me succeed in my business was visualizing my success and believing in myself . If you don’t believe in yourself your bound to give up or fail . Self confidence pushed me a lot and helped me grow a lot . I had to push myself to never give up on myself no matter what and believe that one day I will achieve my goal of owning my own store front . Also another habit that helped me succeed was remaining focused and remaining determined . Challenges to me is an opportunity to learn and envolve. Read more>>

Myriam Sandler | Creator of MOTHERCOULD

Building a global community of parents and educators has given me a unique perspective on the similarities we all share. What’s been special about my experience with social media (which might differ from others) is that the more honest I am with my community, the more connected I feel and the more successful the platforms become. The same habits that make all businesses succeed translate into digital success (ie. time commitment, networking, content generation, etc.), but the most significant factors in my success always come down to basic human experiences. I created MOTHERCOULD because connecting with my daughter through sensory play empowered me (hence the name motherCOULD). Sharing my play activities with others was an outlet to continue my growth as a mother and help others in the process. I think people responded to that honesty and its created a very clear path for all business related decision making going forward. Read more>>

Julie Jeffries | Plant-Based Health and Wellness Expert

This definition might even change over time. When you are young and focused on a career that you have trained for, success might look like financial gain, prestige or recognition. But, I think as you age and you realize that success can take on different forms, you are able to consider success as how you leave a mark on the world you live in. I used to think that to be a success, I had to be a household name… at least in my field. But, now I know, that being a household name in just a few houses means that I have made a positive impact on people’s lives — and that now, this is what success means to me. Aside from defining the word, other habits that have helped me to be successful include having a very curious mind and a true love for learning. If I had not loved to research and learn, I would not be where I am today. In fact, I would probably be blind and forced to live a life dependent on traditional medicine and low light. Read more>>

Octavio Stokoff | Singer Songwritter Country Music en Español

Make your goals clear, be responsible for your own life, learn from your failures, and don´t try to look the guilt in other people, be consistent, and never give up. One crucial thing is executing actions more than having a million ideas. Once you have a good idea, you have to write an action plan and follow it till the end. Learn a lot, be open and get around better people than you, to challenge yourself. Read more>>

Maria Magdalena Suska | Cardiology Nurse

Patience. During my workday, I encounter a number of different personality types, some of which may be difficult to handle. Some patients might be belligerent, or their families may be upset and take it out on me. Focusing on being patient helps me resist the temptation to react emotionally to an aggressive situation. Curiosity, willing to learn. Pacing oneself and ambitious mindset. Read more>>

Ana Cruz | Event Planner & Designer

I feel that my business has been successful for so many years because of my dedication to my clients. I really listen to what they want and envision for their event. I am very comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone to help create a client’s event vision. This is not just about thinking out of the box, it is about building a new box in a cool and different shape sometimes. I love getting requests that set me off to research and find things never found before. I guess the short answer here is that I look at every event as a new adventure and get excited about each and every one. So, I guess the habits that have made me successful are being able to listen, being creative and most importantly being excited for every opportunity to deliver the “Wow”. In order to do these things, I need to be all in and dedicated to every client. Read more>>