Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Issa Hall | Attorney, Entrepreneur & CEO of Jersey Sponsor

Jersey Sponsor is a community and business platform for athletes. Our mission is to empower athletes with technology that grows with their career and equips them with the power to easily understand and leverage the unique opportunities they encounter at every stage. We’ve identified the common threads that connect athletes and and improved their ability to get sponsors and funding. We understand the greater impact sports have on society and especially the opportunities they create that are a realistic path to achieving the American Dream. In addition to the life skills and networking we’re increasing the opportunities for sports and erasing some of the pain points being suffered when it comes to making money and dealing with complicated compliance and legal matters that affect their eligibility. We’re changing the world because sports are global and the only consistently proven way to bring people from all backgrounds together and have them automatically work towards a common goal. Read more>>

Breon Cox | Sports Minister/Head Baseball Coach

My business helps the community by providing student-athletes in the glades region with spiritual, mental, and physical growth. As well as, creating realistic opportunities for each athlete to play collegiate baseball. Read more>>

Macarena Zilveti | Founder

Badges of Courage helps low-income women who are going through breast cancer treatment. We provide them with financial assistance so that their living expenses are paid for up to for three months. This means they don’t have to worry about how they’ll pay their home, utilities, car payments, day care, etc. This enables them to focus on healing and greatly reduces their stress. We’ve received several notes from some of them thanking us for alleviating their worry. They are already worrying about their prognosis so imagine if they are not able to pay their living expenses on top of this!. Read more>>

Melissa Boneta | Cannabis Activist & Budtender

CannapyConsult is focused on aiding our diverse communities of South Florida find mediccal marijuana options. If cannabis turns out to not be the solution a client is looking for, we can put them in touch with other methods of finding wellness and relief. Read more>>

Kristie Leigh | Author

As a reader, I know how important books can be. For me, it’s an escape from everyday life, and I feel like right now, that’s so important. We have a lot going on in the world and so much negativity that it’s nice to crawl in bed with a fuzzy blanket, a cup of coffee and a good book and escape for a little while. As an author, I hope that my books can do that for someone. Read more>>

Maria Florio | Inspiring Human Potential Mentor

My business helps the world and communities by supporting the individual’s self-empowerment journey. They take this journey through the inspiring human potential content that is distributed online, on different sites that Event Guardian Angel Planner is the umbrella company of, and in a variety of mediums from blogs to podcasts to online courses and videos. The content mentors and guides individuals to become leaders in their own life and within their own communities and in the world. They acquire information regarding humanities and social sciences, philosophy with a focus on existentialism, and the basics of neuroscience, physiology, and biology in a way that guides their self-empowerment journey, personal development choices and inner growth mindset. They also acquire an applicable use of this information for dealing with day-to-day matters; the unknown, unexpected and unwanted in life; and all that brings emotional upheaval. Read more>>

Kemyana JonesBey | Beauty Entrepreneur

Perfect Salon Suites was birthed from initial conception, to help people. Not only do we provide private and affordable salon space for beauty professionals to do what they love, we provide freedom. Our Salon Suite concept positions beauty professionals to have control of their future, their destiny, their time, their money; which ultimately impacts their quality of life. We provide beauty professionals freedom to express their artistry and talent in their own space on their own terms. The uniqueness of the Salon Suites concept affords beauty professionals to make as much money as they want fueling their passion. At the end of the day Freedom is Peace! It doesn’t just stop with the beauty professional. It is two fold. It flows over into the community, because Perfect Salon Suites bring lots of traffic to local shopping centers, thus helping local businesses thrive. One prime example of this is our newest Miami location inside Mall of the Americas on West Flager. Read more>>