There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Luca Cancellieri | Certified Public Accountant and Tax Consultant

If we can call it “success”, well definitely loving what you do and persistency are the main protagonists there. Success takes passion but also time and dedication. I know that if I want to keep learning and growing, you have to be patient and stay focused. Both at the beginning of my career and even now and in the near future. In addition, for me, loving what I do was of a great help. I feel lucky and blessed for this. Helping clients holding their hands and guiding them through their business is what I love and do best. I wake up in the morning and I say thank you for having the privilege to be happy to go to work. Read more>>

Mimi Ghandour | Founder & CEO of Mimi Yoga

The biggest factor behind the success of Mimi Yoga and my life is to keep building and growing community, which I’ve been able to do through yoga. When you build community, you help people help one another, which has a multiplying effect. I think yoga is a great tool to use to build community because yoga is a safe practice where you can be your most authentic self and open yourself up to be vulnerable to those around you. I have made lifelong friends through my yoga practice and being able to use yoga to help people from all of the world connect with one another is the greatest gift I could ask for and the foundation of Mimi Yoga. Read more>>

Shakevia and Terrasita | Treat Enthusiasts

The most important factor of our success is purpose. We are intentional in everything we do. From the selection of products to the table placement, we work hard to perfect every aspect ensuring every detail is thought-out as if it were our own event. We understand that our passion to meet the purpose behind every event will open doors for more success. Creating Purpose Treats was created on purpose for purpose. Read more>>

Alessandro CINQUINI | Fleet operation center at carnival cruise line

The most important thing is to understand that we need to be like water when we talk about business and work careers. Be flexible and always try to make the best of each situation! Read more>>

Angel Federico | Artist

The most important factor of my success is that I just don’t give up. But my glory goes to God, He always shows me the way. It feels like the universe is on my side. Read more>>

Maureen Washington | Empress Of Vending

The most important factor behind my success is my family and friends. I also truly appreciate my business friends who I’ve met along the way. We have helped each other grow in areas where we had more experience or seeds to share. Everybody needs seeds to sucSEED in business! You do not get success on your own, it’s all about your network. In addition to business and emotional support, you need support spiritually. Support along with positive communication has led to my success. Read more>>

Krista Resnick | Master Coach & Boundary Expert

Learning to Master the Art of Healthy and Compassionate Boundaries. It sounds so simple, but boundaries are such a beautifully nuanced and deep conversation and strategy. Boundaries are the key to liberation. To freedom. To intimacy, and living a life that is authentic and true. Read more>>

Latanique Sharde | Beauty Content Creator & Influencer

Not Giving Up !!! So many thing happen that might change my minds set but the end goal is the same not giving up ! Read more>>

Joseph Feldman | Paramedic and Coast Guard Volunteer

The most important factor of my success would be the ability to tell stories through photography. Read more>>