There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Sabrina Karim | Pharmacist, Holistic Health Coach & Model

The habits that really helped me succeed is being disciplined and practicing self-care. I strongly believe when you implement self-care into your routine, you are able to perform your best and give it your 100%. Read more>>

Jeanne Selander | Sheriff’s animal farm supervisor

I have a strong work ethic, instilled in me by my parents. It is important to be dedicated and passionate, to give something back, to make a difference, to be reliable, and true to your words. Never say never. Read more>>

Gigi May | Cake Artist

I’m someone who thrives on consistency and routine, and in the phases in which I’m diligent about what makes me feel good, my work is of a higher calibre. Small practices like not drinking alcohol during the week nights, getting up earlier and doing a small meditation, and keeping my living space clean always increase my productivity. Read more>>