We’re big believers in the value of education, but we still think it’s important to reexamine our most strongly held beliefs and assumptions to ensure we aren’t being irrational.  Sometimes reexamining those basic assumptions can lead to startling realizations and in other instances it only strengthens our convictions.  We asked the community whether college made a positive impact on their life and career because even though we are conditioned to believe that answer is obvious we were curious to see how others felt.

Erica Merasse | Professional Makeup Artist & Esthetician

I do believe that college made a positive impact on my life and my career. I have my Bachelor’s Degree is Supervisory Business and Management and with me currently owning my own business, it has helped in some ways. I do often times wish that High School did provide us with the option of going to school for specific trades because college is not for everyone. If I knew I could obtain my Estheticians License right after high school and start a business earlier on, then I would’ve taken that route instead of going straight to college. Read more>>

Tameshia Sexton | CEO and Founder of Mesh Dollhouse

College made a positive impact on my life however, it did not make a positive impact in my career. At least I don’t see it that way. College was fun! The experience was positive and I met some great people along the way. In 2o20, you honestly don’t need a degree to become successful. So the price I paid to go to college was not worth the price tag. In order to enter my career field a degree was required. Hence why I went to college. However, nothing that I learned in college applied to the work I was actually doing. Read more>>

Jason John | Artist and Professor

There is really something about picking up everything and starting new for a new adventure with completely new people. I really feel that the lived experience at a college or university is something that can’t be replicated. I think the most important aspect was learning to have passion in what I do. School is a bunch of lived lessons. Some of those lessons are not assignment based. They involve working with and solving problems with other passionate people. Read more>>