We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ximena Morales | Sales Manager

The most important factor that contributes to our success is customer satisfaction. It starts from the first time the client calls our office, we make sure to listen carefully to our clients needs and wants, thus, offering the best solution for their event. Our front office is well experienced in event planning and event decorating. Read more>>

Chris Howard | Director Pulse TMS & Counselor/Mentor

I would say my moms struggle with mental illness, and consequently going through foster homes, as a result of her instability, was the cornerstone of my success in business and personal life. At a young age I adopted a self-reliant attitude, which enabled me to assume responsibility over aspects of my life a child typically wouldn’t have to. I developed essential life skills at a very young as and because I had to be in individual therapy I learned to communicate my feelings in a healthy manner. Read more>>

Dominique Morales | Branding & Marketing Connoisseur

With over 10 years of helping and advising brands of all sizes how to market and advertise, entrepreneurs that understand these factors attain success one way or another. The most important is adapting, now more than ever this speaks volumes as the market just changed right before our eyes, almost overnight. Read more>>

Patty Carratala | Family & Wedding Photographer

The most important factor of my success is staying grounded in humility. I will always remember where I came from and all that God has done for me and my business. I am Patty the girl behind Patty Carratala Photography. Here are a couple of facts about me I thought I share away! I am 39 years old soon to be 40 this year YIKES!!!!!! Read more>>

Tohni Style | Lifestyle Blogger & Business Woman

Is the authenticity is a big factor. The ability to share my passion of Lifestyle, Vintage, Interior Styling, Real estate through TohniStyle blog. TohniStyle is a Lifestyle brand my business consist of a lifestyle blogger, interior styling, real estate and vintage curator. All things I’m passionate about. As a business woman I also have the opportunity to try different opportunities and I love this side of entrepreneurship. Read more>>