One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Gabriela Perez | Holistic Health Educator

Social Impact is what fuels my daily passion to wake up and work. We’re at a pivotal point in society and global existence. Our every day choices can add to solutions or contribute to the problems. My mission is to work in integrity by practicing what I preach – natural health, sustainability, love, peace, and help others to easily incorporate practices that support these intentions as well. Alone I can only accomplish so much, but together, we can influence the world for the better. My business as a Holistic Health Educator is to be a resource of information and tools that help people live their healthiest and happiest lives, naturally, in a harmonious way with nature. One way that I take pride in, is connecting people with the highest quality drinking water for their home. Read more>>

Michelle Montero-Caicedo | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My business is in the mental health industry so by default its primary goal is help alleviate emotional pain. At Turning Point Mental Health Center we continuously work on building a team of clinicians that offer compassionate services and expertise in various forms of treatment interventions. By improving the mental health of each of our clients we believe that we have a positive impact on our community as whole. Read more>>

Bianca Coletti | Fashion Designer

My business is based on supporting my community by keeping it local. Our team of Patternmaker’s, cutter, and seamstress have been w me for over + 15 years. We create everything in-house from our graphics, prints, patterns, samples and cut is still done by hand as it’s important to conserve the heritage of sewing. Also importantly I am on the programming board of Fashion Group International, Creative arts committee of Beacon Council, among others, but these organizations are based on helping and connecting our local contacts and skills to support our community. Read more>>

Lee Green | Entrepreneur

We help the world in a number of ways. Firstly, we primarily work with cork material which is a completely sustainable material. The cork tree lives on average around 300 years, and within that 300 year lifespan the bark of the tree is stripped on average about 33 times. Each stripping allows us to produce a multitude of products made of cork. The entire process is completely harmless to the trees, while being extremely useful for mankind. We are able to bridge the gap of consumer needs without sacrificing vital resources to the planet. Beyond that, we recently partnered with a startup tech company in the Netherlands that is developing an app that will allow all of our customers to remotely plant trees via the app. We have access to three different forest, which one is located in Kenya, and the other two are located in Europe. Read more>>

Montez Thomasson | License Clinical Social Worker

Many of the people I work with have stated that they specifically want therapy from a black owned counseling service. I believe that they feel a black therapist could better relate to their cultural experiences. Additionally, the impact my business has within my community is the sheer fact that most of my clientele are the first individuals in their families to seek professional therapy, in an attempt to break generational curses. As mental health treatment has become less stigmatized within our community, This Too Shall Pass Counseling has the potential to have a far greater impact on more than just my immediate surroundings. My for my business and the people we serve is to help heal and uplift the black community as a whole. Read more>>

Tasha Trujillo | Beekeeper & Flower Farmer

Palm Pike Apiary supports local pollinator populations by saving wild beehives and planting pollinator-friendly flowers. It also helps to educate the public on the importance of a variety of pollinators as well as how to live a more environmentally conscious life. Read more>>

Graziano Sbroggio | Restaurateur

We always support our community by participate at charity event, donate food to non profit organization, focus on educational program and school.. keep our restaurant the greenest as possible by participating in recycling program, use biodegradable material when possible. Read more>>

Valerie Silidker, M.S., BCC | Co-Founder and Director of Psychospiritual Institute

We live in a fragile time. A time when we are all touched by the suffering and heartbreak of our rapidly shifting world. So much of what we struggle with, as individuals and as a larger community, centers around unconscious identities, feelings of disconnect and loneliness, and an inability to process and integrate our emotions in a healthy way; a way that allows us to mature and fully participate in life. With so much trauma in our world, it is imperative that we look deeper within to understand who we are and what we value, to heal our relationships to ourselves and each other, build resilience and connection, and realign purpose with action so we can show up more fully in our own lives and become an inspiration in our world. This is the work we do at Psychospiritual Institute. Read more>>

Laura Reiss | Founder & Chief Kindness Officer for the Kindness Matters 365 Foundation

In 2008 I started an after-school Kindness Club at my children’s elementary school in South Florida. Today, we are a 501(c)(3) that encompasses over 100 programs in 12 states nationwide, educating thousands of children each month in our after-school Kindness Clubs and our Kindness-in-Schools classroom programs. Our programming has always been essential, taking care of ourselves and each other has never been more important than it is right now. Self-awareness, self-regulation, a growth mindset, and service-learning are some of the life skills our kids learn through our programs – these skills help cope with the present, and they are also key influences that will determine our children’s’ future well-being and what they can accomplish in their lifetime. It is up to us to equip our young generation with the tools they need to create safer environments and resilient communities. Read more>>