Thinking through whether to start a business – whether to take the risk, whether to go out on your own – isn’t easy. So we asked some entrepreneurs we admire to tell us about how they thought through the process of starting a business.

Courtney Turner | Kinsley Cole Creations

I started my own business because I wanted to make more money and I hoped to eventually have more time to myself as well. I had been frustrated working for other people; toiling in middle management where I didn’t have enough power to make important changes to the company culture, but I did have just enough power to be responsible for the problems that arose from the clunky corporate structure. I worked in retail, so I’ll just leave it at that. Read more>>

Hajnalka (Hana) Konyher | Yoga trapeze instructor

I was 6 years old, when they diagnosed with scoliosis and I started some physical therapy but it was not really helping. When I turned 14 years old they wanted me to have the spinal surgery. Luckily my parents didn’t let me do it. Over the years I grew up and tried to find some solution and different exercises .I decided to go to mat yoga and I really liked it and I saw the trapeze in a newspaper, and I knew this is what will help me to heal my spine. My husband surprised me with one for my birthday 10 years ago. I started to practice at home then I realized I like to know more about it .I finished the trainings and became an instructor in 2017. The beginning of this year I decided to have my own studio. Read more>>

John Riddle | Self Defense and Firearms Expert

As a Police Officer for 28 years I’ve have seen a lot of violence and bad things happening to good people. I knew as my retirement came closer that I wanted to continue to help people, still be a protector but in a different way. Five years prior to my retirement I started to build my business (RIDDLE DEFENSE) in self defense and firearms training. It’s now 12 years and still going strong. Never looking back, always grinding and moving forward Read more>>

Tristan Whitaker | Owner/Founder of Love Hate Apparel

I needed a creative outlet while my girls were in school. I had the idea of wanting to encourage people to wear their heart on their sleeve. Do you love coffee or hate coffee? Do you love running or hate alarm clocks? So LOVE HATE APPAREL was born. It didn’t take off, HA… but after a while I started designing shirts that were local, beachy and for women. My business sky rocketed and now I’m in several local stores and surf shops all around FL. I LOVE Florida and my town of Jupiter and get so much joy and satisfaction designing apparel that represent our little slice of paradise. Read more>>

Diana Jackson | CEO, Executive Producer, Booking Manager

Being Independent was the key component in starting my own business Read more>>

Jessica Durr | Owner – Lead Planner – Floral Designer

Seiromem was created out of necessity for a creative outlet. After accomplishing my professional goals in Corporate America, I started to think about how to accomplish one of my personal goals. Creating beautiful spaces has always been my thing. From interior design: to planning my wedding, I always thought about what a person would feel when they entered a space I had designed. This thought process is the foundation of Seiromem and my niche in this every changing industry. Read more>>

Paula McMillan, LCSW | CEO/Coaching Director

In one word, access. I noticed that communities of color traditionally have less access to resources to support and uplift the people who live there. As a result of this, there are individuals who identify as Black, Brown, Latinx, BIPOC to name a few who feel strongly about creating opportunities that will oppose these narratives. As a social worker, I have seen firsthand the impact that support services can have on individuals as well as family systems. The way that education, resources, and skills can change the trajectory of a life. The way that change can leave a meaningful and long-lasting impact. Read more>>

Vivien Kozlovski | Buyer and Manager

Seeing my friends tween daughters not having a place to shop. Read more>>

Fabiola Noel | Agency Owner & Entrerprenuer

I just wanted to be a boss for as long as I could remember. I always had roles that empowered me to become better, I’ll never forget the first job I had in Providence, Rhode Island, called Young Voices. It was an after school job that let kids speak their voice and let their voices be heard in a powerful way. I remember speaking in front of the Mayor! I was so nervous- but after I felt super empowered to continue having a voice and helping as much as I could. Starting my first business as an artist manager I learned so much in New York – and met so many people that taught me that my voice does matter and I can make a difference in someones life! With that I dove right into starting my business and never looked back! One of the best decisions I went through with by far! Read more>>

Sophia Nathalie | CEO & Creative director of SOPHiA

I have dreamt about being a designer since I was 9 years old, I always loved fashion design and wanted to make a career out of it. During my Internships in Los Angeles, I found my passion for swimwear and since I have always had a deep connection to the ocean, I decided to start my own swimwear brand. I began my journey of figuring out what my brand was going to look like and represent. I then went to Paris and discovered ways to recycle materials into different fabrics, I did some research upon recycled materials and if it was possible to make swimwear sustainable. Then the idea of creating a sustainable swimwear company began, a brand with not only fashionable designs, but a brand that represents quality, a lifestyle, inclusiveness and sustainability. Read more>>

Giampiero Di Persia | Managing Partner

Miami population has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years as well as its culture and culinary needs and , I saw the opportunity to satisfy the increasing demand of high quality baked products and the lack of neighborhood bakeries in several areas. Relaying on my wife’s Benedetta 20+ year passionate experience as a restaurant owner/chef in Italy , we’ve successfully launched our first Mamma Leone Bakery in Edgewater , counting on the top quality of organic Italian ingredients and Italian traditional recipes and now , after 3 years , we’ll open our second location next to Miami Shores. Read more>>