We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Audrey Waldron | CEO

My kids, my tribe and my inner peace. There are so many reasons for me to be happy, and the biggest one is the life that I lead now with my 3 daughters as a single mom. I also have an amazing tribe, both men and women, whom we support each other daily and encourage one another’s glow ups. We also call each other out on our B.S. and this helps us all know that someone cares about you. My happiness comes mostly from the inside, from the peace that I’ve found, the self-love and self-acceptance, and starting my own company with my 3 little ladies. Read more>>

Natalia Magdaleno | Permanent Makeup Artist & Skin Care Expert

You know that moment when your client sees her face after a treatment and they find themselves staring in awe at the brow transformation or the smoothness of their skin. The expression of awe is what makes me come to work every day. Seeing them happy and appreciative of the effort I put into helping them feel themselves and more at home in their own skin, is the best feeling in the world. Read more>>

Leticia Gimeno | Health Coach

Spending time with my family in nature. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than with them outside!! Being able to share with them the immensity of our Mother Nature and appreciate life together makes my heart so full and happy!! I think it’s important to appreciate the time spent with our loved ones and to do so we need to be out of technology to be able to create human connections! That’s why nature is the place we always choose to connect with each other and with the world at the same time! And the of love and respect we create while we are together in nature is so magical that I’m sure it’s transmitted everywhere else! Read more>>