We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Jessica Maxson | human | wife | daughter | sister | friend | business owner

Simplified by Jess is truly my passion project because I enjoy helping people and love to create order out of chaos. Happiness is what I feel when I’m able to simplify the lives of my friends and family (and the occasional flight seat mate or friendly stranger). I work with clients through harmonious collaboration. The goal is seamless integration of the Client’s insights into actionable ideas and processes to bridge the divide between quality strategy and efficient execution. Read more>>

Mykola Khodorovsky | Artist

I am happy every time when I sell my Artwork. It is the best moment – customers are happy and I am happy as well. The most touching moment when I see my painting hanging on the wall in the interior where it seems it was created for – “match made in heaven”. This is mysteru which makes me smile every time I notice how cool this particular piece looks in this house. Read more>>

Isabel Brinck | Visual Artist

For me there is nothing more important in life than freedom, freedom in every sense, freedom of action. That freedom is what allows me to express my inner cosmic world, my spirit. When I’m in front a white canvas, I let myself be carried away by my creative instinct where every stroke marks the path to the next one until the artwork comes alive full of light, strength and sensitivity. Creating art for me has been spontaneous encounters where I can call my “inner child”. When I feel free, I’m happy. Read more>>

Andrea Gallego | Professional Makeup Artist

I love spending quality time with people, that’s what makes me happiest. Whether it be my family, significant other, friends, or someone I just met, I love hearing their stories and experiences. I am a great listener and enjoy hearing different viewpoints on all kinds of subjects, I’ll soak in all the information like a sponge! I love bringing people together and finding a common purpose. Read more>>

Debbie Korbel | Artist

Junior Mints, sex, making art, looking at art, having artist-friends (they are mostly weird and I love them) Billie Eilish, puppy-porn (looking at photos of puppies), the beach, long, hot showers, clean sheets, Instagram, my iphone, driving with my daughter in her convertible, going to hear stand-up comedians and live music, mocha frappaccinos. Why? Because all those things release the best chemicals in my brain and I’m always looking for my next fix! Read more>>