Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Noa Pecino | exclusive jewelry designer

everything goes back to the year 2012 … I worked in the fashion boutique that my mother had in Spain, the clients began to look for me to ask for advice on their styling for their events … bridal headpieces, godmother … then I I modified their headpieces ,,,, I fixed their necklaces if they were damaged ,,,, and little by little it was more and more … until the day that I stopped to think … I began to raise the idea to create my own designs since it was something that I was passionate about and had a facility when creating ,,,, my clients were the ones who without realizing it made me silver my work … and then I decided to continue my creative career as a designer of wedding headpieces and exclusive jewels ,,,, over time I opened my first boutique and my shouroom in the capital of Madrid where fashion stylists from magazines and television came to complete the looks of their clients ,,, over time, in 2015 I was awarded the Gold medal of the Europe Forum Because of my work and career, .. today I can say that I found my way, the career that I am really passionate about. Read more>>

Harley Mitchell | Bassist & Drummer

I think most creatives can relate in that, we don’t really choose this lifestyle. It’s in our souls. I have a photograph of myself when I was 2 years old, sitting on my first drum set, my Dad sitting next to me with a bass in his hand. I have another photograph that was taken when I was about 4 years old, where I’m singing into a microphone and holding a guitar. I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. As I got older, I always knew I wanted to play music. My stepdad taught me how to play the guitar when I was 12 and that was it. That set off my music career. When I was 16, I picked up the bass and started to play in the South Florida cover band scene. I started to play drums professionally when I was about 25. It’s not really a choice, but rather, a feeling, which is so hard to explain. It’s inside of us and we have to express it. There’s nothing like being on stage and rocking out with your band and the audience giving you the same energy back. It’s magic. Read more>>

Loreymi Millan | Arts and Crafts Entrepeneur

When bad news keep coming your way and your emotions are not in control that’s when you need to take a step back and look at your surroundings. In my case, my family! They are the ones that made this possible, the ones that are always supporting me, and the ones that make me think/feel/see me as an important figure in their lives. Not long ago I had a depressed state in my life when I was even clinically medicated. Being a mother of a boy and pregnant at the same time put me in a position where they needed me the most. I was giving up on me but right after I gave birth to my second boy that’s when it hit me to be better for them. Read more>>

Malka Klein | Calligraphy & Artist

I pursued a creative career because it called to me. It was a physical pull that at a certain point in my life I was able to discern and unable to ignore. But this pursuit in terms of a career is quite new. I had always been artistic. My earliest memories are of drawing pictures, pouring over beautiful children’s books illustration and learning about letterforms with awe as early as kindergarten. I won a state art contest as a child without trying or thinking much of it. In my free time as a teen, letter writing and scrapbooking was the way I expressed my creativity and gratitude to the people around me. I used to stay up late drawing, erasing, cutting pages from magazines and just having the absolute best time doing so. Feeling no hunger or fatigue. Read more>>

Tascha Punkt | Tattoo Model

Because I can not work 9 to 5 an artistic career was my way to be successful. Read more>>

Rebecca Morse | Cake Decorator

I am a self-taught cake artist who loves all things food! I opened Sprinkl’d Cakes Sugar Studio in December of 2014 and it has hit the ground running since. Officially leaving my career in nursing in 2017 to stay home with my daughter, who is a T1D(Type One Diabetic) has made for great conversations. But, it is the real motivation behind how I got into Cake Decorating. My creativity knows no boundaries. I’ve always had a tenacious eye for the arts and science. As a kid, I loved experimenting with food in the kitchen or drawing and doodling on everything. Including the mayor’s Christmas card! Which, to my surprise, landed me a hot seat on a scissor lift with WPB Mayor Nancy M. Graham. Where I was honored by lighting the Giant Christmas Tree, at the annual Clematis by Night Tree Lighting. It’s those facets that have streamlined my skills, to appreciate how flavors and colors collaborate to be able to bring a cohesive vision and style to each cake. Read more>>