Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Mey Lynn | Fashion/ Costume Designer & Content Creator

Creative types have this feeling, this need to build, craft, design and bring something incredible to life. It’s exciting, fun, and sets the soul on fire! Creative careers can be very fulfilling, you just have to find the medium that resonates the most with you. For me that’s clothing. Historical, vintage, costume, trending, it’s all exciting. As a Fashion/ Costume Designer and Content Creator, it brings me joy to see my designs on stage and on others. I love connecting with people through styling and sharing the sewing or design process. The way a garment can change your mood, your confidence, tell a story and help with self expression, is amazing. Even at times when I did not have a creative job, at night or on the weekends, I always found a way to keep creating. Not only are you constantly learning new things and gaining experience but you can also satisfy that need to create. Read more>>

Harry Pack | Psychedelic Surrealist

I have always been making art and since i was quite young have been lucky enough to have a few people telling me to keep it up. ive always enjoyed the end result, finishing a piece and thinking of the journey and process ive just been through in making it, mulling over what ive learnt or what i could do better next time. It’s not been easy and i was very close to giving up on a few occasions. It has taken a while to find a central style to work with as im easily fascinated and find influence in most things i see, hear or read. I feel deeply connected to my art, it tells my story for me. Some of the earlier images i drew when i was younger are more relevant to me now than when they were made. I am very inquisitive and am always looking out for patterns and sequences in life and I find being creative allows me to reproduce these in an image format, kind of like a puzzle that has to be solved. Read more>>

Sara Gusky | Ph.D. & Founder, Creative Director of Phd Athletica™

I decided to pursue a creative career because I wanted to find a way to translate my memories, experiences, travels, and studies into something tactile, something functional, and something fashionable. With my roots in academia, I am used to expressing my creativity through writing. From writing scholarly articles and manuscripts to developing lesson plans, I always felt moved and inspired by the different creative energies of the literary and musical art forms that I studied. That sense of feeling moved by another’s creativity is precisely how I decided to exercise my own creativity in business. After completing my Ph.D., I decided that I wanted to move into an entrepreneurial space that combined all of my passions, holistically and whole-heartedly. It was through the cultural mediums of literature, music, dance, and textiles that I discovered a way to express my creative identity through fashion. Phd Athletica™ feels like a visual homage to my doctorate because it celebrates and connects all of the pieces of my Ph.D., while encouraging women to move, explore, and learn in bright colors, beautiful patterns, and ethically sourced materials. Read more>>

Priscilla Gomez | Portrait Photographer

I actually think it chose me. I have always been drawn to the arts. Expressing myself with words has never been my forte, so through music, poetry, art and photography I found many ways to manifest my feelings. When I take a photograph or a series of photographs I hope it tells a story and that it relays a message, as any artist would hope, their work can convey. Read more>>

Alfonso Villagran | Artist

The reason of my choice is that over my young childhood i suffered the loss of my dad, so i knew that i had to overcome that feeling by doing something and i felt that confidence of myself by painting. Read more>>