It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Tatiana Gomez | School Counselor & Candle Maker

I came up with the idea of Gemelos Candle Co. from my love off all things candles. I found myself purchasing so many candles and wax melts that I began to look into making my own. Fast forward a year later and Gemelos Candle Co. was born. Read more>>

Polina Pyshkina | Makeup Artist

When my family and I came to the USA back in 2014 I was trying to find a job according to my degree as well as experience. I’ve been working as a purchasing manager back in my home country for about 8 years. But unfortunately no one wanted to hire me since I didn’t have any experience in this profession in the USA. But how can I get any if no one wanted to hire me? So I was really upset and didn’t know what to do. But I was into all things beauty for all my life, especially makeup and I thought I would try a career of a makeup artist and my husband supported the idea. This is how a frustration became the beginning of my business. Read more>>

Janira Rivera | Macrame Artist

I am Janira Rivera, naturally from Puerto Rico and I currently live in Miami, Florida. “Tuly” has been my nickname since I was a child, that’s how my mom used to call me. Tuly Studios started at the beginning of this pandemic. I started taking online courses and then ideas began to emerge and little by little I discovered what my hands could create. I started dyeing with Eco-friendly macrame cotton single string in natural dye like avocado, chonineal grana and Indigo. I gave myself the opportunity to give way to a goal, that of having my own creative project. I opened an Instagram page with my wall-hanging arts design the last August 2020. Read more>>

Tania Rivera | Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach

When I was creating Transform with Tania, my idea really stemmed from my love from Superhero movies and the want to help people find the super hero in themselves. Often times people already have the thing they are seeking, it is already within, what they maybe lacking is the belief that they can do orattain what they are seeking. With any Marvel movie or character there is that one catalyst that unleashes these super powers in with in each main character that allows them to fully reach their potential. My idea is that Transform with Tania be that catalyst to helping you actualize your greatest potential though how we move, what we nourish our bodies with and how mindful we are. Every person has that unique ability to be whatever they want to be and my goal is to help people get there. Read more>>

Darby Hunt | Esthetician/ Professional Makeup Artist

I have been a licensed esthetician since 2013 I have always had a passion for natural products as I have grown in my career I have had to extensive research and training I strive to prompt calm skin to calm the skin you must also calm the body as whole I designed my FACIAL services to do just that! After the madness of the pandemic I notice how strong people around me needed to RELAX I created INFINITAS SUPPLY & SERVICE in addition to my makeup services. Read more>>

Reginald Benoit | DJ & Owner of Tru Radio

I am a former on-air personality and DJ for X102.3 and Beatz96.3 I’ve done radio for over 15 years and once you start you can’t stop so when my time was over at those 2 stations i felt like i had more in the tank to offer so that’s how Tru Radio was born!. Read more>>

Jeania Pierre | Niajaye Cosmetics

What really fueled my ambition to start my cosmetic business was when a young girl made a comment about women of color not being able to wear different shades of lipsticks. I made a deal to wear any color lipstick she requested and for her to tell me she is beautiful every time she passed by. Emboldened by our tacit agreement and daily affirmations, I proudly wore bright-colored lipstick every day. I was committed to doing what I had to do to help her see how beautiful she was in her very own skin. Little did I know while helping her build her confidence, my very own self-esteem was growing. From there, I told myself that I would build my own natural lip wear collection and make strides to become inclusive and cater to women of all skin tones. The fear of starting my business put me on hold. One day while engaging in a conversation with an entrepreneur, she encouraged me to step out on faith and just start small. Read more>>

Christian Ortiz | Co-Founder of Kickoff Coffee Co, and Community Organizer

Being Colombian-American, we grew up around the game of soccer. Playing soccer provided us with countless priceless memories, and lifelong friendships growing up. Furthermore, the game aligned us with numerous unique life lessons and skills that would later prove helpful. Melissa, one of our co-founders actually became an Olympian having qualified to two Olympic games (London 2012 and Rio 2016) playing soccer for the Colombian Women’s National Team. The sport continues to provide us with happiness whether it’s connecting with friends for a pick-up soccer match or enjoying watching a professional match on tv. This past summer during the pandemic, we were thinking of ways to give back to the game, while helping bring people together in community. Read more>>

Gabriella Katia | Producer

I came up with the idea for Katia Productions with the idea that my industry was in need of a type of service like this. Someone you can trust to handle every part of the campaign from start to finish and make it so the client only has to deal with KP and no one else. I’ve seen so many designers visions get lost during the campaign process when there is simply “to many cooks in the kitchen”. Read more>>

Kiyauna Coney | Owner Of Pots Of Honey Tittie City Tape

I Started my business because one day I wanted to wear an outfit but my boobs just didn’t look how I wanted them to look. So I prayed asking god for a solution because I was tired of not feeling comfortable to wear to certain clothes due to my boobs being big.. I woke up one morning in had the solution. That same day I was doing research & investing to bring my dream of a tittie tape line to reality. That’s how Pots Of Honey Tittie City Tape Came About. Read more>>

Stephanie Middleton | Bakery

I have loved baking since I was a toddler helping my mom mix up and roll out dough! I always wanted my own bakery, but the timing was just never right – and then I realized that if I kept waiting for the right time, I would never start a business. So now, with a full time job, a wife, and a toddler of my own, I’ve jumped into being an entrepreneur! We struggled with a business name for a while, until an unfortunate battle with a batch of M&M cookies over the 2020 Christmas season. The afternoon ended with me in tears, covered in flour, with a pile of ruined cookies sitting on a plate – yelling to my wife that it was a “Cookie Catastrophe”! And she casually took a bite from the pile of cookies and said, well, I think you just named your business. So, as a tribute to all the flour explosions, burnt cookies, and complete disasters on my journey learning to bake, The Cookie Catastrophe was born! It’s a constant reminder to myself that things happen, and that’s just something to learn from and move on to the next challenge!. Read more>>

Joanne Garroway | Badass Business Transformation Coach

I began Badass Business Transformation Coaching after working with female entrepreneurs, business owners, and women in business for many years and seeing that, unfortunately, many women let fear, doubt, self-worth issues, and more run their lives instead of letting their inner “Badass” lead – that part of us that trusts, that KNOWS what feels right, that is BOLD, CONFIDENT, and willing to take risks because we understand that everything we want lies on the other side of fear. Our Badass knows it’s WORTH taking the leap to live a fully ALIVE life (and not just a “comfortable” one which, in truth, isn’t very comfortable at all if you’re honest with yourself). You can either use the time you have to stay in the safe, familiar reality you’ve created, or you can choose to expand, to reach for your heart’s desires, to live the life you truly, deeply, hunger for. It’s always your choice. Read more>>